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Popular Custom Labels

  • Design and print your food product's nutrition facts
  • Provide important guidelines for the consumer's safety
  • Create medical labels that meet regulatory requirements
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Create a Variety of Informative Custom labels

Design custom labels fit for all your food, beverage, and medicine products. Upload your file online or use our intuitive design tool to update the nutrition facts, instructions, and safety guidelines for your edible items. Here are a few more ways you can personalize your order:

  • Print in individual cut-to-size format or order several rolls in bulk for food labels of products in demand.
  • Square, rectangle, circle, and oval sizes are available to customize your bottle labels for a specific container shape.
  • If none of the standard sizes match your preference, you can input specific dimensions and we’ll print your order as requested.

Here are a few more ideas on how to complete and customize your product labels:

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Food Labels

With more consumable orders being done online or bought in a grocery, you can upgrade and update the information on your food labels. Start with the container it will be applied on. Jars stored in refrigerators call for the waterproof BOPP, while stand-up pouches are perfect for the indoor-friendly 70 lb. label.
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Bottle Labels

Customers will be ordering more water, juices, soda, and other bottled drinks. Stock up on bottle labels indicating your product’s nutritional facts. The roll format offers tear-proof and waterproof BOPP in white, silver metallic, clear, and rainbow holographic silver colors. You could also create labels for wine bottles in textured material.
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Warning Labels

Add warning labels to medicines and other consumables that might be a danger or health hazard to children, people with allergies, and pets. Use these labels on medicines that need to be taken with food orat a particular time.
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Medical Labels

Hospitals can create a new set of medical labels to help organize and identify medication, patient information, equipment, and other healthcare essentials. Pharmacies can also upgrade the labels on products for delivery, to remind customers of useful information they might otherwise overlook or forget.
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Product Labels

Small businesses can stock up on product labels that will be delivered to different homes. Whether you’re in need of labels for perishable items or to brand certain essentials such as toiletries, you can print these on waterproof BOPP and vinyl.
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Custom Labels

You can create and personalize your own labels with custom label printing, create labels that will make a positive impression and unique brand recognition.
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Popular Custom Labels FAQs


Q: How are ingredients listed on a food label?

A: The ingredients should be listed in descending order by quantity—meaning the ingredients with the largest amounts come first and are then followed by the ones with smaller amounts. It should include any FDA-certified color additives. Any potential allergenic ingredients should also be included in the list.

Q: How do you print labels on bottles?

A: After you have inputted the bottle labels’ specs, you can upload the artwork file or create it online with our design tool. Choose the free PDF proof option to review and approve the file over email before printing.

Q:What is placed on a warning label?

A: A warning label discusses any risks that come with the use of your item. These are typically found on medicines that may cause certain side effects.

Q:What are the best uses for medical labels?

A: Medical labels are used to communicate crucial information such as reactions to certain types of drugs, health conditions of patients, and to organize information on healthcare records. Depending on your pharmaceutical or clinic’s needs, you can print cut-to-size or roll stickers designed to best suit any purpose.

Q:How do I effectively brand my custom product labels?

A: Before anything else, consider your packaging and choose a suitable shape and size for a label. Square roll labels are best for stand-up pouches, while rounded corner labels fit bottles and jars with limited width space. The material should also match the packaging. Clear or white BOPP can complement a bottle or jar, while a colored vinyl label would distinguish your food packaging or medicine label.