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How to Customize Calendars

Here’s how to customize a calendar before printing. 

Calendars are incredibly handy. Everyone consults a calendar at least once a day. Why not customize calendars and make the experience more interesting? Custom calendars also make for a great way to promote your brand to customers. Unlike other print materials, you can be sure they’ll stay in your customers’ line of sight for a whole year.

Many print services have calendar templates and online editing tools that make it easy to customize a calendar with any design, for any specific need. You can use these tools to easily make themed calendars for personal use, or a branded design that can make countless impressions on your customers for a year. Possibly more if they really like the design.


1.) Find a printer that offers free professional templates.

Many online printers offer templates that can simplify creating and customizing calendars. Templates will take the guesswork out of making calendars with accurate dates and give you a baseline for customization. Templates will also show you where the safe zones, trim and bleed lines will be on your printed calendars. If the printer doesn’t offer templates -- keep looking! There are few things more frustrating than inaccurate calendars. 

2.) Find the appropriate calendar templates.

There are several different types of calendars, and each will have their own set of templates. You can usually find these templates on their product pages. The printer’s site may also have a page dedicated to these templates. You should be able to find the template you need from one or both of these sources.

3.) Download the template for the calendar you want to create.

Wall, poster, magnetic stock, and card calendars all have different formats and dimensions, necessitating different sets of templates. Templates will also be different for each available size. They should also be available in different file formats including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, and JPEG. Be sure to pick the right one to avoid confusion.

4.) Use the calendar template with your preferred design app

Depending on the file format you chose, you should now be able to customize calendars using any of several design apps on your computer or online. Make sure to convert your project to CMYK as early as possible. When you’re done, you can save your file in a format recommended by your printer and submit your finished design for printing.

5.) Print your customized calendar design

Now order your calendar. Select the right type of calendar and the specs you need from the online calculator or menu.


How to Use UPrinting Online Printing Templates in 5 Steps or Fewer

UPrinting Print Templates


How to customize calendars with UPrinting’s online design tool. 

UPrinting has a handy online design tool. You can create your calendar from scratch with our design tool or use it to spruce up an existing design.


1.) Find the online design editor.

Find an option that says “Create Your Design Online.” You can find this on the site’s product pages, such as the Wall Calendar Page.

2.) Create an account.

UPrinting requires an account to be created to access the design tool. If you already have an existing account, you won’t need to make a new one. Otherwise, creating an account is free, and you can save multiple projects in your account.

3.) Choose between portrait or landscape orientation

Be sure to select the appropriate option for your design. Having the wrong orientation will seriously ruin any custom calendar design.

4.) Upload your own prepared images or choose from millions of stock images.

You can simply upload your prepared calendar images and play around with them in the editor.  The UPrinting online design tool offers a free image library. We also offer access to millions of stock photos from popular stock image sites.

5.) Play around with the editor.

Customize or create your calendar however you want it. Use the online design tool to add and change text, change backgrounds, and add color to design elements on your personalized calendar.

6.) Proceed to the order page.

Find an option that says “Proceed to Order” to start the order process. Your customized calendars can then be printed in just a few days.

Did you find this guide on how to customize calendars helpful? Contact us.