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Bulk Calendars

Buying Wholesale Calendars: Cost-effective Way of Promotion

Want an affordable advertisement with powerful long-term effects? Here's a tried and tested method- promote using calendars.  

Calendars are effective marketing and branding tools because their effects are long-lasting. Unlike other advertising materials calendars were meant to be kept for at least 12 months. Aside from being useful to your recipients, they are great for promoting brand recall. Place your brand name, logo and contact details and give them a repetitive reminder of your company. They are great as corporate gifts and souvenirs. 


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If you're a big company with a huge amount of clients and staff printing bulk calendars is the way to go. They are more cost-effective and printing wholesale can save you time and effort. 

Choose from our 4 calendar types: wall, magnetic, card and poster calendars. They are all printed in quality magnet, paper and card stocks.


Bulk printing quantity options:

1. Poster Calendars-can print up to 100,000 copies per transaction

2. Card Calendars-can print up to 50,000 copies per transaction

3. Wall Calendars-can print up to 10,000 copies per transaction

4. Magnetic Calendars-can print up to 5,000 copies per transaction


Standard turnaround time depends on the kind of calendar you want to bulk print.

For any question on our wholesale calendar printing and their turnaround times call us at 1-888-888-4211.