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Behind The Popularity of Promotional Products

Ever wonder why promotional products are a staple in marketing strategies? Promotional products are a staple in any marketing strategy. In the ongoing pandemic, promotional items such as mugs, notebooks, and headphones have found their place in virtual events.

Customers welcome logo apparel if it's free and functional to use in their daily lives. Take, for example, one item that's likely to stay after its introduction: Custom face masks. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), 57% of consumers will do business with an advertiser that gives these protective items away for free.

The 2020 ASI Global Ad Impressions Study's data proves the high impact of different promotional products on advertising your brand. From custom logo masks and drinkware to USB drives, individuals across the US don't mind keeping these goods for at least a year.

Find out more about how promotional products sustain their strong impressions and what items are best for your business. 

By the Numbers: The Popularity of Promotional Products in 2020

Behind The Popularity of Promotional Products  - - Infographic

Why Are Promotional Products So Popular?

The ASI study reports that customers keep promotional bags on an average of 11 months. People keep [promotional or logo] T-shirts for about 14 months, calendars for a year or more, logoed USBs and promotional desk accessories for 13 months, outerwear for a 16-month average, and drinkware for 12 months.

Thanks to these items, the numbers show that a brand will have a consistent presence in a person's home and daily routine for at least a year. The reason behind their longevity? Unlike other forms of advertising—such as pop-up ads, a billboard, or a banner—these promotional items aren't easy to ignore or forget. Because they have a specific function, customers have an apparent and beneficial reason to use these products in the long run.

Your generous provision of items also plays a role in giving consumers that solid impression. An Identity Works study reports that 71.6% of trade show attendees remember companies who give them a promotional product. The majority of attendees at 76.3%, said they had a favorable attitude among the said companies. Now that you have their attention, that recall is sustained. The same study from Georgia Southern University had respondents recall any promotional product they got in the last two years, along with its message and the corresponding advertiser on the item. The majority, making up 76.2% of the respondents, could recall all the requested information.

The Most Popular Promotional Products

Kid in Mask

1. Custom face masks with a logo rank number one on this list, with this essential item being a consistent part of the new normal. The pandemic is still ongoing, and having a mask on hand makes things a little easier for your customers.

2. USB drives are still used even in the age of the online cloud. ASI found 56% of consumers prefer having extra storage space overpower banks. The majority of those who choose this are women at 57%, while about 54% are male.

3. Custom tote bags continue to be relevant and come out on top for their sustainable, eco-friendly nature. Consumers won't just use your bag but will also appreciate its long-term reusability. The ASI study states that 46% of consumers have a more favorable opinion of an advertiser if the promo item is environmentally friendly. Similar to USB drives, most of the environmentally-conscious consumers are women at 53%.

4. T-shirts have one of the most extended lifespans in your customer's home. They are kept for at least 14 months and generate 3,400 impressions in their lifetime. What exactly are impressions? These are calculated by multiplying how long a recipient has the item by the number of people it contacts monthly.

5. Caps and hats have timeless and regular use, much like T-shirts and tote bags. Go Delta discovered that customers prefer specific styles such as the trucker hat, dad cap, or headwear with embroidery designs.

6. Jackets and outerwear dominate most consumer ownership, with 67% of them owning promotional outerwear. People tend to keep these apparel items much longer than a year, at up to 16 months. The range of outerwear allows you to find the best type for your customer. Everything from fleece jackets, softshell, hoodies, and lightweight outerwear are available for customization with your logo.

7. Drinkware completes the essential items consumers receive from your customized design. This category covers tumblers, water bottles, and mugs. Your customers can use the drinkware wherever it's needed, whether it's for outdoor exercise or during a car trip.

8. Work-from-home items such as notepads, notebooks, and post-its increased demand during the pandemic shift to remote work. Consumers will welcome an item they would otherwise receive for free at the office. Giving away things that keep staff organized and productive recreates this experience while also promoting your brand.

Green Tote Bag
      Drinkwares             Caps

How to Position Your Promo Items

What are your promotional products actually for?

Before designing and ordering a set of promotional products, be sure to position them according to your customers' needs, the overall advertising strategy, and the image your brand carries. First, ask yourself, why are you creating promotional products? Is it to remind customers what your business is known for? If so, then only produce items related to your products or services. For example, a tech company can give away USBs and work-related items like notebooks. Jackets, T-shirts, and caps may seem forced. However, outerwear and apparel are more relevant for gyms, sportswear, and equipment providers, as these can be used along with your actual items.

Promotional Products
Are these items tied to a specific event, such as a fundraiser, holiday raffle, or a virtual product launch? You'll want to connect the products sent or given away to be helpful at the said event. For example, you can hold a remote marathon as a fundraiser and send customers a water bottle, jersey, and cap to use during their run. For a live, virtual event like a product or website launch, you can give away mugs, a T-shirt for attendees, and a notebook and pen for press invitees to use while taking notes.

Who are you sending these promotional products to?

You'll also need to curate the item types and design according to its recipients. Are you sending out bags, mugs, and apparel for your business partners or VIP customers? If this is the case, you'll need to create a unique design and choose materials that show them valued members of your company. It helps to send out customized apparel to reputable brands like The North Face, Under Armour, Nike, and Gildan.

Want to encourage productivity with more staff working at home?

Send over a work-from-home kit that includes pens, notepads, and a USB drive. You can also reward high-performing workers with messenger bags, tumblers, and other essentials.

Is your fundraising event an outdoor marathon or sports fest? Include freebies such as dry-fit shirts or jerseys, water bottles, and jackets (if applicable) they can use on the day. Your brand gets instant visibility during the actual event. Once attendees wear the apparel after the event, your company receives free advertising wherever they end up.

Want to begin creating promotional products for your business? Check out the customizable options below: