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COVID-19: Marketing Resources for Your Business

How To Get Your Message Out

Quick Marketing Tips

Entrepreneur Mark Cuban advises to start with your biggest set of customers. Use the most direct means of communications, such as email newsletters or direct messages. Brick-and-mortar stores are usually the first to close their doors. But be careful; there’s a flood of information out there and you don’t want to overwhelm your customers. Only communicate matters that are relevant to your customers, such as safe and alternative means to order your products.

When narrowing down what information to say and how to say it, default to compassion. Industry-specific businesses, such as clothes and food, will want to reassure customers that they are following all the necessary precautions and sanitary guidelines. Show and tell customers you’re providing an extra level of reliability in these conditions. Run them through specific steps that ensure both your employees and customers’ safety.

Show customers you are willing to go the extra mile despite the distance. It’s important to disengage from the screen, so give your customers a breather with personalized postcards. Keep them updated on your contact details and ordering process. Restaurants can send special discounts and deals for delivery and take-out orders.

Every order you deliver during this time is crucial to sustaining customer relations. Provide a take-out menu with each meal ordered, so they can refer to it in the next delivery or visit to your restaurant. This helps to pay employees and utilities even without the dine-in element. Pharmacies can give out brochures with sanitation guidelines and how to stay healthy in quarantine. If you’re a vitamin supplement business, then you can also print a step-by-step guide on how their order will help them fight the virus. Include flyer inserts for shorter and easier to digest information.

While you can’t give customers a smile in your retail store, you can translate the same level of friendliness in a well-designed packaging box. This is the time to level up your company’s unboxing experience. Make every step matter, from receiving the package, opening it, to revealing all the products they’ve been looking forward to using. You could include a handwritten note in a postcard or add a greeting checking in on your customer. Upgrade the product labels of your vitamins, medicines, bottles, and other food or perishable packaging. Pet food sellers can also replenish any missing labels on their products, as dog and cat owners are now more likely to order online.

Essential businesses such as groceries, restaurants, and pharmaceuticals need to function within the government’s guidelines. Implement measures that ensure all sanitation rules are followed, such as placing hand-washing signs in your kitchen and bathroom. You can also place warning stickers on your bathroom mirrors in front of the sink.

Community Inspiration

Whether you're working from your kitchen counter, transitioning to new products, or offering contactless deliveries, countless small businesses are quickly finding creative ways to keep going while surviving a pandemic. These inspiring business owners and customers shared with us their stories on navigating these challenging times – and we’d love to hear yours.
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Artist Erin Hanson and her team working tirelessly to push art out into the world amid the pandemic. Their postcards remind us that “art matters now more than ever”
JuiceBoost spreading good vibes and reminding us to prioritize our health and wellness during these trying times. Find JuiceBoost on Instagram at @juiceboostusa.
Small businesses like Hellenic Republic remain open to deliver good, healthy meals to their community and customer base who stepped up to support their efforts. "We have been offering free children's meals, curbside pickups, and in-house delivery services in order for us to stay afloat during these times."
Good food from Blueys Kitchen comes with a FREE roll of toilet paper. Blueys, like many other small businesses, adapts to the sudden transition by finding new ways to keep serving their customers while providing security for their employees. We love the inspiration behind the postcards, guys. Thank you for printing with us.
Plans and events are up in the air for Danielle Renee Art. So for now, her step and repeat banner will serve as a giant in-home selfie wall. And it's looking good. ???? Thank you for printing with us, Danielle.