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Voting Stickers


Rally Voters and Supporters With High-Quality Voting Stickers

Boost your candidate’s visibility with professionally made voting stickers. Whether it’s an “I Voted” sticker or a design emphasizing your candidate’s name, you can choose a suitable shape, an exact size, and a durable material that ties into your campaign’s brand. Here are a few tips to help you create a standout design amid the election competition.


How to Support a Candidate With Voting Stickers

Print stickers your supporters will proudly display on their cars, devices, and other surfaces. A well-designed and brightly colored campaign sticker will surely capture the attention of anyone in plain sight. Here’s how to design an effective voting sticker that will showcase your candidate’s brand: 

  1. Choose the correct format for your campaign sticker. Will you be printing less than 250 pieces or above this number? Cut-to-size stickers come in quantities up to 250 pieces. They’re ideal for handing out at events. Roll stickers are recommended for the mass application of your “I voted sticker” on the packaging and other promotional materials. The roll fits into a standard label gun, saving you time in placing your vote stickers on the candidate’s other marketing tools. 
  2. Print in a shape that ties in with your candidate’s brand or your campaign message. Several sizes are available for both cut-to-size and roll stickers. Create fun and distinct “I Voted” stickers in the arch or starburst shape, both available for the cut-to-size format. You can also play with the font and typography in the larger space of a square or rectangle sticker.  

    Roll voting stickers can also be printed in the standard rectangle, square, circle, and oval. Circle stickers often have short but snappy messages like “I voted” or “Go vote.”  

    The square and rectangle type can showcase more meaningful messages like “Vote for the Future” or “Vote for your voice to be heard.”  

    You can also indicate a custom size for a shape that isn’t offered among the standard ones available.

  3. Select a material that will bring out the desired appearance of your sticker. The right finish and background can complement the image your candidate or voting advocacy wants to communicate. A high gloss or gloss finish stands out from afar while the clear or silver BOPP options appeal to a younger market.  


Cut-to-size stickers are printed in two paper types:  

  • 4 mil. white vinyl high-gloss UV is waterproof and recommended for stickers you want seen outdoors. The coating brings out the brightness and boldness of the colors on your vote sticker.
  • 70 lb. label is available in shiny gloss, extra-vibrant high gloss, and easy-to-read matte. This is recommended for surfaces that need to be writable and are kept indoors.


Roll stickers come in the following materials: 

  • White premium sticker paper lasts on surfaces normally kept and displayed indoors. Recommended for designs you want seen on personal items like a laptop.
  • BOPP offers backgrounds in the following colors for your sticker: white, clear, silver metallic, and rainbow holographic.
  • Textured materials last indoors and when refrigerated. Best printed on food product containers that need to stay cool.


How to Create Your Own “I Voted” Stickers

Choose the correct size, shape, and specs from the online calculator. Several standard dimensions are available for the different shapes available. 

Use our online design tool to create a voting sticker as you order. After inputting your specs, the tool will provide a blank canvas in your preferred size. Everything from images, fonts, shapes, and resizing can be done on the online tool’s menu. 

Download a template. If you prefer editing in a specific program, you can download templates in any of the cut-to-size or roll vote sticker sizes available.

Upload a file if you have one ready for us to review for printing. You can upload it directly from your computer or Dropbox. We accept files in PDF, JPG, AI (Adobe Illustrator), and PUB (Microsoft Publisher) formats.


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We ensure high quality in every step of production. Get durable materials for your vote sticker, a thorough file review, and a free PDF proof for checking. We meet your standards with every small and big detail.

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The larger your sticker quantity, the less you spend on each piece. Save more with bulk orders you can distribute to various locations. You end up spending less on candidate promotions across the country.

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Choose your preferred transit period for your voting stickers. One-day transit is available for rush orders. Live in Los Angeles? Pick up for free at our Van Nuys and West Los Angeles offices.




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