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Shoe Boxes

  • Print in a size that fits your item and your budget
  • Built to withstand external impact & multiple handling
  • Start with 1 sample box before ordering in bulk
Make Shoe Boxes Now
custom shoe boxes

Design the Ultimate Unboxing Experience for Your Branded Shoe Boxes

Create shoe boxes that will excite your customer. Showcase your brand and build anticipation for the coveted pair once it reaches their doorstep or is taken out from the store’s bag. A vibrant and full-color design enhances the customer’s unboxing experience, highlighting your brand once it’s shared on video or in a photo to their social network.

custom shoe boxes

Start building your custom shoe boxes with ease on our intuitive online calculator. Find out how to choose the best features for your product packaging below:

UPrinting's Shoe Boxes

4 High-Quality Features for Customizing Your Shoe Boxes

Customize the size to fit the packaging for your product.

Choose the length, width, and depth that fits your product, but also adding some allowances for wrapping paper or protective fillers inside the box. Measure the pair of shoes and expand the dimensions you need based on what will be packaged inside the box.

Print in sturdy corrugated cardboard built for long-distance transit.

Product boxes are available in cardstock or corrugated cardboard. We recommend the latter to protect the shoes during delivery, storage, and reorganizing on display. This material is built with three layers to protect it from external impact. Your box should look good as new even after being in transit and passing through different points.

Create the box in real-time using the 3D online design tool.

No need to use Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Publisher to design your custom show box. Select Design Your Product Box Online at the bottom of the online calculator to load the tool. You can add colors, text, shapes, and images to your browser. The tool lets you start with the box exterior design. It also previews how the box will appear in 3D after every update.

Select color and finish that suits your brand.

  • Standard white has a natural, uncoated finish perfect for elegant, understated designs. Available at affordable rates that don’t compromise quality.
  • Premium white has a smoother and brighter finish that suits luxury brands. Add glossy ink if you want select areas to come out more vibrant.
  • Kraft (brown) has a natural, rustic-like appearance suited for simpler, down-to-earth designs. It’s a common choice among athletic shoes.

How to Order Custom Made Shoe Boxes

Follow these easy steps to start on your custom shoe box order:

  1. Input the length, width, and depth of your box.
  2. Select corrugated cardboard and then the preferred material: standard white, premium white, or premium white with glossy ink, or Kraft (brown).
  3. Indicate the sides that will have a printed design. You can print on the interior, exterior, or both sides. A blank, “no printing” option is also available.
  4. Choose a quantity. You can order 1 sample box to see if the specs will match your requirements.
  5. Check the “Expedite Production” if you need a faster printing time. This can cut the production time to 6-8 business days from the standard 15-20 business days.
  6. Select “Design Your Product Box Online” if you want to create the artwork from your browser.
  7. Customers with a print-ready design can select “Order Now & Receive a Dieline Template” below the online design option. A PDF file of the dieline template will be sent for you to use and apply the design to the indicated areas. Check out the FAQs for more information about dieline templates.

Shoe Boxes FAQs

Q: Is there a minimum quantity to qualify for an order?

A: No there is no minimum quantity for custom product boxes. You can order a sample custom box based on your specifications. One sample box is produced in 3 to 5 business days.

Q:How soon can I receive the custom box order?

The standard production time for bulk quantities is from 15 to 20 business days. Your order will be shipped after this period.

Q:Can I submit a print-ready file directly on your website?

A: No, we do not accept file submissions but you can input the specifications on the online calculator and request for a dieline. A dieline shows the box in a flat layout with all the necessary printing guidelines on where to place your design.