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How to Design Postcards: 5 Crucial Tips You Can’t Miss


postcard design guide 01


1.) Be clear and concise. 

Don’t dawdle. Don’t put unnecessary details in your design. This can make your cards cluttered, diluting their message. A good headline is short but sweet. A clear, concise message is better at getting your points across and will help your cards to be remembered easily

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2.) Use appropriate images. 

It's a great idea to make your postcards look good by including photos or illustrations. Just make sure that they are relevant to the message and brand image you want to convey to your audience. Make sure they are as high quality as possible.

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3.) Start your project in CMYK

If possible, start your project in CMYK instead of converting it just before printing. This will help you get more accurate colors on your project. This can potentially save you a lot of time, especially if your design’s colors have a wide dynamic range.

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4.) Consider USPS mailing regulations.

You might think your design looks like a postcard. The USPS however, might disagree. You’ll want to comply with their technical definition of a postcard if you want to take advantage of their postcard rates. This can be a tedious job and it's helpful if you find a printing company that offers mailing services too. This will save you time and effort when creating postcards that meet USPS guidelines.

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5.) Get quality printing for your design. 

Choose quality printing service to produce your postcards. A good printer will be able to transform your well-prepared postcard layout into reality. Consider the variety of postcard specs they offer as well as their mailing services when choosing the right printing partner for your project.

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If you still don’t have an idea on how to start creating yours, you could check out these samples we’ve compiled for your inspiration.

Postcard Design Inspiration


Travel Postcards

postcard design travel 01

postcard design travel 02”  /></a><br class=

postcard design travel 03” /></a><br class=

Film Promotion Postcards

postcard design film 01

postcard design film 03

Event Invitation Postcards

postcard design events 01

postcard design events 03

Design Studio Postcards

postcard design designers 02

postcard design designers 03

Holiday Greeting Postcards

postcard design holiday 01

postcard design holiday 02

postcard design holiday 03

Decorative Postcards

postcard design decorative 01

postcard design decorative 03


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When you have your postcard design complete, we can help you print your own postcards today.