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Deluxe Signicade® A-Frame Signs


Showcase your brand in style with Deluxe Signicade® A-frame signs. 

Use fuss-free signs to your brand’s advantage. Deluxe Signicade® A-frame signs lets you easily and effectively communicate to youaudienceIt takes only a few seconds to set up and requires no maintenance. This portable sandwich board has a quick-change feature that lets you quickly switch sign panels without the use of tools. It can hold two large 24” x 36” signsthe ideal size for calling out attention from the storefront or on the sidewalk 

Deluxe Signicade® A-frame signs shine whether used indoors or outdoors. Made of high-density molded plastic that doesn’t chip, rust, or discolor, its lightweight durability makes it the best marketing tool to use outdoors. The sign panels use weatherproof 4 mm Coroplast material, which pairs perfectly with the A-frames in withstanding the elements. For areas with windy conditions, Signicade® A-frame signs can be filled with water or dry sand to act as a ballast.

Attract attention with A-frame signs. 

A-frame signs are a time-tested marketing tool for small businesses. It shows pedestrians and passers-by your place of business, what you offer, and what your brand is. This makes capturing their attention from the get-go incredibly important. We’ve outlined some tips to consider in designing your Signicade® A-frame signs. 

Ensure legibility – Keep your word count low and your font size large. It would be extremely difficult to read a big block of text on an A-frame, especially from afar. Ensure that your sign’s copy is short and sweetand clear 

Go bold – Vivid colors attract attention the best. Use this to your advantage so that pedestrians immediately see your A-frame even from the corner of their eye. Try incorporating the color wheel in your design to use hues that are complementary to each other.  

Image quality – Always ensure that your design and images are of the best quality possible. Especially with Signicade® A-frame signs with 24” x 36” panels, using low resolution graphics will result in a pixelated sign that reflects poorly on your brand. Double check that your images and artwork are at least 300 dpi prior to printing for a sharp and discernible image.



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