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6 Useful Tips on Making Custom Yard Signs

Small- and medium-sized businesses would find it difficult to afford paying for ad placements on TV, radio, newspapers or billboards. To market their company and products to people without spending a lot of money, they use yard signs and customize them according to their purpose.


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Made to Order Yard

Just like any other print material, custom yard signs are more than just a simple layout and few elements. If you want to create effective yard signs to benefit your business, below are tips that you need to know:

    • Catch their attention.Getting people to read your yard signs will require wit on your part. Instead of loading your signs with information, focus on putting something thta will capture their imaginations. For example, instead of just saying “Carpets for Sale,” write “Affordable Carpets Made Just for You.” The word "affordable" and phrase "just for you" are crucial in describing the kind of carpet you are selling.

    • Call to action. Tell them exactly what you want them to do. Do you want them to call you for more information, visit your website to see more carpets or purchase the carpet by going to your store?

    • Include your business logo. In advertising, name recall is a very important thing. Incorporating your logo in your yard signs will help customers remember your brand. The moment they see your logo, they can easily associate it with your product.

    • Aim for readability. Assuming that they are driving or walking by, people will literally have seconds to see your ads. In this case, write the details on your signs in big bold fonts. Allow enough spaces for each character. Remember to also use contrasting colors; a light background must be matched with dark-colored letters.

    • Set the tone right. Make sure that the colors and the messages you will use remain consistent with the type of business you have. There are colors which symbolize particular things: red and green for Christmas; black and orange for Halloween and green for nature. It would be better if you follow these associations. Also, humor attracts more attention, but it’s not always appropriate to use wit for ad copies. if you are using a yard sign to invite people to go to the church or vote a particular candidate, a formal approach to your ads will help people take your sign seriously.

    • Choose the right size. Even if these are displayed on high traffic areas, yard signs are more effective if you print them in appropriate sizes. Usually, bigger yard signs are easier to notice and used for advertising purposes.

  • Print them in good quality. Make your custom yard signs look professional by having them printed them by a trustworthy printing company. Some online printing companies use high-resolution printers to give you the exact output you want. These yard signs are commonly printed using inks which resist fading, making them suitable for outdoor use.

Here at UPrinting, we offer yard signs available on standard and custom sizes. They are printed on corrugated plastic materials which make them fit to use outdoors. We also offer H-shaped lawn stakes to give your yard signs a complete look. For more information, just call us at 1-888-888-4211 or click on our live chat assistance button.