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Real Estate Yard Signs


Compelling and Cost-Effective Real Estate Yard Signs to Attract Your Customers’ Attention 

Personalize the perfect real estate yard signs design to promote your residential or commercial property listingWhether you’re creating luxury real estate signs or an informative sold sign for your real estate company, you have complete control of every detail, from the size, printed sides, display option, to the printing period. All signs come in standard sizes that you can see from a distance. You can upload a design or create one online to build the entire look from scratch. Real estate yard signs go through a thorough review before printing to ensure zero errors and an accurate print job. 

Your open house signor any property ad looks good as new, no matter how long it’s on display. Real estate signs are printed on tough corrugated plastic built for outdoor use. Its waterproof features keep the print fresh after a burst of rain. Check out the “Material & Specs” tab for more information on the strength and durability of this material. 


Guide to Real Estate Sign Sizes

Print in a display size that showcases the most important details of your real estate sign. Choosing the right size will also depend on specific display methods. Refer to the size and display guide below to help you narrow down your options  

 Standard Real Estate Signs Size 

 Recommended Display Method 

 12” x 18” 

 10’’ W x 30’’ H stakes 

 On to a wall or hung with ropes 

 12” x 24” 

 10’’ W x 30’’ H stakes 

 On to a wall or hung with ropes 

 18” x 24” 

 Metal frames 

 10’’ W x 30’’ H stakes 

 36” x 24” 

 Metal Frames 

 Fold Up Tent  

 10’’ W x 30’’ H stakes 

 6” x 24” (Rider) 

 Metal frames 


Real Estate Signs Regulations and Requirements 

Refer to the guidelines below to plan the advertisement of your property signs: 

  1. Homeowners have the right to display non-commercial signs on their properties. This does not cover the posting of real estate signs that read “For Sale” or “For Rent.” 
  2. The above rule does not restrict a homeowner association’s authority to prohibit the display of a commercial sign. It’s best to check with the homeowner association on what you can do to display these signs in a specific area.? 
  3. Commercial real estate signs can be displayed in front of an owner’s property or another’s with their consent. 
  4. Owners cannot display any real estate signs in common areas if the association does not allow this. 



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