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Create Custom Printed Coffee Pouches and Bags

Keep your coffee fresh and ready to brew in safely sealed pouches. Coffee pouches are a great alternative to the usual bags you see delivered or along store aisles. Our stand-up and flat pouches are made with a barrier film that protects the beans or grounds from moisture, oxygen, and light. Both pouches come with a resealable zipper that extends the shelf life of your coffee after it’s open. Child-resistant zippers are also available for the stand-up and flat pouches for parents with babies and toddlers. 

We offer 2 of the common types of coffee packaging:  

 Stand-up pouches come with a bottom gusset that expands once filled out. Each pouch can stand on its own once it contains your product and becomes the official coffee packaging.  

 Flat pouches are recommended for smaller quantities, sample sizes, and items displayed in a neat pileThe optional zipper will keep the coffee fresh after its first brew. You can also add hang holes for a more organized display. 

You can print the coffee bag packaging design in full color, add a clear window, or in a special metallic finish. The protective level increases for every barrier film’s color: 


White Barrier Film 

Clear Barrier Film 

Metallized Barrier Film 

Oxygen Protection 

 full circlefull circlefull circle

full circlefull circlefull circle

full circlefull circlehalf circle

Moisture Protection 

full circlefull circlehalf circle

full circlefull circlehalf circle

full circlefull circlefull circle 

Light Protection 

 empty circleempty circle

empty circleempty circleempty circle

full circlefull circlefull circle 


Complete Your Coffee’s Custom Packaging 



Coffee Bags and Pouches FAQs 


Q: How do you seal a coffee bag??

A: The coffee bags can be sealed with a press-to-close, resealable zipper. This additional option extends the shelf-life of your coffee after it’s been opened.  


Note that the zipper for regular stand-up pouches is different from the child-resistant ones.  The former is easier to open compared to the latter child-resistant zipper. The child-resistant zipper requires four steps to open and close, so your kids won’t easily access the item. 


Q: Does the pouch material safely pack the coffee beans or grounds?? 

A: Yes, all pouches are safely packed in a barrier film that prevents moisture and oxygen from entering the pouches. This extends the shelf-life of your coffee grounds or beans.  


Q: What are the regulations involved in packaging coffee in pouches or bags??

A: If your coffee contains insignificant amounts of nutrients, then your item is exempted from the FDA nutrition labeling requirements. The exemption will also apply if your coffee product contains insignificant amounts of combined nutrients, such as coffee combined with cinnamon. However, any ingredient that has nutrients will have to be listed on the Nutrition Facts label. 

Your coffee bag is also required to have label for Nutrition Facts if it makes any of these claims: 

  • A claim for any of the nutrient content such as being healthy or low fat 
  • Health claims, e.g. “Diets that are low in sugar can reduce the risk of diabetes. 
  • A function or structure claim such as being able to support healthy blood circulation 


Q: What are the requirements for a Coffee label??

A: All food and beverage labels must contain the following: 

  • Name of your product 
  • Net quantity statement or the amount of the product (e.g. Net weight 500 g) 
  • Manufacturer, distributor, or packer’s name and address 
  • Ingredients list 
  • Nutrition Facts label (see the previous question if this is required for your coffee packaging or not) 
  • Food allergen labels if your product contains ingredients that fall under any of these or are a protein derivate of egg, milk, fish, tree nuts, crustacean shellfish, wheat, peanuts, and soybeans. 


For a more detailed explanation, check out our ultimate FDA food labeling guide.