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Bulk Mail Postcards

Bulk Mail Postcard: Send Effective Direct Mail for Less

For any company serious about its conversion rates, bulk mail postcards are the way to go. Bulk, or direct mail, is a form of direct marketing where businesses send potential, past, and current customers postcards or other materials through the mail. Direct mail postcard campaigns can be made to target both businesses and individuals.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, direct mail materials such postcards deliver higher conversion rates and build deeper connections with customers when compared to digital media. You can reach even more prospects and get better results by meeting USPS requirements for bulk mail, which is cheaper per piece than standard mailing rates.

Bulk mail postcards further bring down the cost to mail a postcard and make it possible for anyone to create an effective direct mail campaign on a tight budget. The term "bulk mail" refers to commercial First-Class Mail and advertising mail -- officially called "USPS Marketing Mail" by the United States Postal Service. The USPS uses the terms "bulk" and "presorted" interchangeably.

Bulk mail postcards are popular with a wide range of businesses in different industries including construction, healthcare, and financial planning. They’re also popular for solicitation of a new product, advertising a new business, and political campaign mail. Subscription magazines, newspapers, and other periodicals also make use of bulk postcard printing for improving subscription rates.

Be sure to use a print and mailing service that can help you manage technical details of your postcard mailing campaign.  With UPrinting’s mailing service, all you need to do is:

  1. 1. Choose your postcard size, specs and quantities.
  2. 2. Choose between First Class Letter rates and USPS Standard Bulk Rates.
  3. 3.Upload your design.
  4. 4. Upload a mailing list with addresses. 

Using an experienced print and mailing service will help you navigate through the often complex process of meeting USPS requirements for bulk mail. 

Check out our mailing services for a simple solution for your bulk postcard printing needs.