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Poly Bubble Mailers

  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Choose from 3 waterproof materials
  • Self-sealing and tamper-proof
  • Ready to ship in 10 business days
Poly Mailers

Poly Mailers: Fuss-Free Shipping at Your Fingertips

Poly bubble mailers are a great alternative to corrugated shipping boxes. Available in different sizes, this type of packaging is ideal for shipping small items such as clothing, jewelry, books, and even food. Lightweight and space-saving, bubble mailers can be printed with your logo to ensure that your brand stays top of mind always.

Make a Difference With the Right Packaging

Choosing the right packaging can be challenging, especially with the rising cost of shipping. Many businesses default to boxes as their packaging of choice. However, bulky boxes are not always the best solution.

When a situation calls for something more practical, poly mailers are a great choice. Poly bubble mailers are small and lightweight, perfect for businesses that need to save on cost and storage space. These padded mailers offer extra protection, so you can rest assured that your products are safe as they are shipped to your customers’ homes.

Why Poly Bubble Mailers?

Different situations call for different solutions. Poly mailers and boxes are both excellent packaging choices, but bubble mailers have certain advantages over box packaging:

  • Water-resistance: Poly mailers are made of polyethylene film, which provides excellent protection against moisture and other outdoor elements. With poly mailers, you can rest assured that your products don’t get ruined in the rain or when another product accidentally spills while in transit.
  • Tamper-resistance: Our poly bubble mailers have a strong self-sealing adhesive that adds security to products. This adhesive can’t be opened and re-sealed easily, so you’d know right away if your package has been tampered with.
  • Flexibility: Poly bubble mailers can store a wide variety of products, from jewelry to magazines. This packaging can also expand slightly to accommodate odd-shaped items that you need to ship.
  • Padded interior: The bubble lining inside our custom poly bubble mailers adds a layer of protection from damage. If you want to have the same level of security with boxes, you need to use packaging inserts, tissue paper, and other products.
  • Space-saving: Bubble mailers are more compact than boxes. They can be stacked without occupying a lot of space in the warehouse or office.
  • Cost-effective: Smaller than most boxes, poly mailers cost less to make, so the price passed on to customers is also less.

Flexible Packaging for Almost Any Product

Like boxes, custom poly bubble mailers can be used in shipping almost any product. Here are some products that you can ship with padded mailers:

  • Apparel and footwear: Non-fragile items like clothing, shoes, and beddings can be shipped in poly bubble mailers without the risk of damage. However, clothing with intricate beadwork should be packed in boxes.
  • Books and magazines: These items are sturdy enough on their own, but they will benefit from the padded interiors of bubble mailers to prevent dents, creases, and rips.
  • Jewelry: Small accessories like earrings and necklaces can be shipped in bubble mailers if a box is too large for them.
  • Health and beauty products: The bubble pads inside the poly mailers let you ship securely vitamins, cosmetics, and other nutritional products.
  • Documents: Water and tamper-resistant, bubble mailers are great for keeping documents safe in transit.

Sizes and Colors to Make Your Business Memorable

Custom poly mailer boxes are available in four sizes that can accommodate almost any kind of product. Each mailer comes with a large decoration or printed area where you can put your logo or brand name.

Mailer Size (W × H) Printed Area (W × H)
6.5" × 9" 6" × 8"
8.5" × 11" 8" × 10"
10.5" × 15" 8" × 14"
14.25" × 19" 12" × 18"

Poly bubble mailers are available in three neutral colors that you can customize with your design:

  • White
  • Gold/yellow
  • Brown

Note: White areas in your artwork may show up as yellow or brown on gold and kraft materials. Choose white bubble mailers if you have white elements in your design.

Attract Customers With the Right Packaging

The right packaging will not only keep your products safe during shipping. It can also reinforce your brand. To attract more customers,keep these tips in mind when you create your mailer design:

Choose the right size – Measure your product before deciding on the final size. Anything too large will make your product shift around inside the mailer. You can add an inch or two to the mailer size so that there’s enough space for your product. Also, poly bubble mailers have padded interiors that you need to factor in when choosing your mailer size.

Show your brand personality – Stickers can instantly turn up the fun factor of a company. Fully customizable, stickers can be printed in any size, shape, or color that reflects your brand personality. They can also be used to promote an advocacy or a cause.

Turn personalization up a notch – Custom mailing labels offer a cohesive look to any packaging. In addition to displaying mailing information, these labels can also come in matching colors that will make your packaging stand out even more.

Make use of the color wheel – A black and white design creates an impact, but you can use a variety of colors to make your packaging stand out. With full-color printing, your custom poly bubble mailers can make a huge impression on customers the moment they reach their doorsteps.

Put the spotlight on your logo – Keep your design simple by adding just your logo to the design area. Alternatively, you can also use simple typography to make a lasting impression.

Poly Mailers FAQs

Q: Can I print my design on the whole mailer?

A: We currently do not offer full-bleed prints for our poly bubble mailers. However, you can print your design in a large decoration area to attract more customers.

Q: Is the flap printable?

No, only the exterior of the poly mailer is printable. You may print your design back-to-back to get more eyes on your logo or business name.

Q: Are the materials waterproof?

A: Yes, all materials are laminated, so they offer protection against moisture. This prevents your products from getting wet during transit.

Q: Can I order a sample before I buy more?

A: Poly bubble mailers are available only in a minimum quantity of 100 pieces.

Q: Which size should I get for shipping clothes?

A: All our poly bubble mailers are perfect for shipping apparel. The smallest one (6.5” × 9”) can fit a baseball cap, while the biggest (14.25” × 19”) can fit a hoodie or jacket.