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Pantry Labels and Kitchen Labels

Keep Your Shelves Clean and Storage in Order With Pantry Labels and Kitchen Labels.

Ensure that your product or any reused container has the correct label in your kitchen and pantry. Customize a set of jar, food, and canning labels for all your stored items. Print on waterproof and oil-resistant materials for perishables stored in a refrigerator. Keep your design simple with clear labels that spell out which jar contains sugar, salt, and flour. You can also differentiate similar-looking containers with food labels that say “tea and coffee.”

How to Customize Your Kitchen Labels and Pantry Labels

Choose the right size and shape for your container. 

Are you labeling jars or wide Tupperware containers? Make sure you get the correct width and height for your pantry label. You can order a set of jar labels and choose from several sizes appropriate to this container. The square and rectangle shapes have the largest variety of sizes available. Circle and oval sizes are also available for the top of round containers.  


If you have a specific size in mind, you can select “Custom” from the shape choices under roll labels. This lets you combine a large range of widths and heights so the final print fits on your container or packaging. 


Order in the correct format for the label’s application: cut-to-size or roll. 

Cut-to-size labels are individual pieces you can easily apply by hand. Perfect for updating a small set of containers in your pantry or kitchen. Roll labels are ordered in quantities of at least 250 pieces. Ideal for large sets of items you’ll be relabeling or updating.  


Make sure the item’s name is clear in the design. 

Clear labels let you print a bold, black name on a transparent background. Apply them on glass or plastic containers for clean, minimalist look. This lets you reuse the same clear container when it needs to be refilled.  


Design with the correct guidelines on your artwork. 

Create your label with the following guidelines in mind. This is to make sure all details are included in the final print: 

  • The bleed shows where to extend the background color or image until the edge of the label file. This prevents a white line from appearing on the printed label. Add 0.125 inches of bleed on each edge and extend the background into this measurement. Do not include any important words or images in the bleed. 
  • The caution zone is where you place all the important details on your label. It should not be too close to the bleed or the trim. 
  • Trim is where the printer will cut off the edges to achieve your selected size. Again, make sure nothing important is in this area.  


Download a layout template that includes all the above guidelines from any of UPrinting’s product pages. You can easily design the label without leaving off important details before it’s printed. 


Pantry and Kitchen Labels FAQs

How long will the pantry labels last? 

All label materials feature a permanent, all-purpose adhesive back that sticks to almost any surface. Vinyl labels printed in quantities below 25 pieces resist damage when left overnight in cold or tap water.  

Roll vinyl labels are durable when exposed to hot water or if placed in a dishwasher. 

BOPP labels are tearproof, waterproof, and oil resistant. They can last in cold and room temperature storage. 


What can I attach these pantry labels to?

You can apply pantry labels to your condiment containers, jars, bottles, and Tupperware. Use them to decorate basket storage for fruits, vegetables, bread, and pasta. 


What are your pantry labels made of?

Your kitchen and pantry labels can be made of the following materials: 

  • 70 lb. label is ideal for items that will be stored in your pantry. It comes in matte, gloss, and high gloss UV coating.  
  • BOPP is a gloss, matte or high gloss laminated polypropylene that’s water and tearproof. It’s also oil-resistant, making it perfect for liquids and jams stored in your refrigerator. 
  • 4 mil. white vinyl high gloss (UV) is built to withstand outdoor exposure. It’s also waterproof and hot water-resistant. 


Can I put my labeled jars through the dishwasher?

If you printed vinyl roll labels or any kitchen labels in quantities above 250 pieces, the material will last after being run through a dishwasher.

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