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Please allow for the possibility of an incremental 1-2 days when ordering. Thank you for your understanding.

Mailing Bags

  • Choose from peel & seal envelopes or sturdy plastic bags
  • Available in eco-friendly Kraft paper or oxo-biodegradable plastic
  • Upload a design or download a template for fast production
Make Mailing Bags and Envelopes Now
Mailing bags

Deliver Dynamic Mailing Bags That Stand Out on Every Doorstep

Mailing bags are a smart, efficient, and sturdy way to handle multiple customer deliveries. You save time, money, and space with the custom sizes and quick sealing found in mailers. Durable plastic bags are also available for a restaurant or smaller retail deliveries that your company personally handles. The possibilities are endless with the custom sizes, available design space, and variety of colors found in both plastic bags and mailer envelopes. Here’s how you can narrow down the best choices for your custom mailing bags.

Choosing Between Mailer Envelopes or Plastic Bags

Are you handling a large set of deliveries that need to be quickly packed to make the promised arrival date? We recommend designing and creating custom mailing bags in the envelope style that best suits your packaging needs. All three styles come with a peel and seal adhesive that makes order fulfillment efficient and easy for your small business:

Secure Shipping and Mailer Envelopes

Bubble mailers come padded to protect fragile items, electronics, and other heavy products while in transit. Each bubble envelope is lightweight, compact, and durable to fit small to medium-sized products or documents for delivery.

Poly mailers are waterproof and made of tamper-resistant plastic, perfect for delivering small, lightweight products like accessories and apparel or specialized items that need added protection from external elements. These come in 3 standard sizes with a customizable print area of 6” x 8” (width x height)—large enough to fit your logo, company name, and other branded details.

Rigid mailers come with the biggest customizable print area and a self-sealing adhesive strip. These are highly recommended for items that can’t tear or be folded in transit, such as photographs, documents, booklets, and art materials. It comes in 3 styles that will fit the following standard items as reference:

  • 10” x 13” booklet style for a 9” x 12” presentation folder
  • 9” x 11.5” catalog style to fit an 8.5” x 11” product catalog/booklet
  • 7” x 8” catalog style that can fit 8” x 19” photos, greeting cards, and other similar items

Form and Function in Branded Plastic Bags

Die-cut handle plastic bags come in several printable areas, ranging from 7” x 10.5”, 12” x 15” to as large as 18” x 20”. Each 100% recyclable bag comes with strong, fold-over handles. Choose between a transparent or colored background to complement the printed design. Available hues include burgundy, navy blue, teal, and grape, just to name a few.

Full-color die-cut handle plastic bags also offer a wide imprint area for your brand elements. All custom designs come out in full, vibrant color. Made of oxo-biodegradable plastic that has the same durability as regular plastic but breaks down faster after disposal.

Soft loop plastic bags have soft loops that make them easy to carry around. Each size comes with a bottom gusset for fitting larger items together in one bag.

Poly draw plastic bags have a poly-draw tape closer and a bottom gusset that expands its storage space. Choose between a minimalist white or a modern clear background. All bags are 100% recyclable after use. These can also be used as mailing bags for clothes.

Oxo-biodegradable plastic bags are a sustainable alternative to the standard plastic commonly used. Color varieties range from black, red, gray, to buff, orange, and navy blue. A generous decoration area is at 6” x 6”, just enough space for your logo and company name.

Doorknob plastic bags are available in 44 imprint colors to match a white or clear background. The ¼” diameter hole makes them convenient for bulk deliveries around apartment complexes or smaller residential areas.

How to Create and Customize Your Order

Both mailer envelopes and plastic bags come with templates you can download straight on your device. Head to the “Templates” tab of the chosen product and several file formats will appear: AI, JPG, PDF, PSD, and PUB. Select your preferred format before choosing the size for download.

If you have a print-ready file, go to “Upload Your File & Order Now” below the online calculator. We prefer files in PDF format, but we also accept files in JPEG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, TIFF, EPS, and AI. You can also review the file for the following to ensure it is print-ready:

  • File resolution should be 300 dpi.
  • Set the color mode to CMYK.
  • Follow the safe zone, trim line, and bleed. These are included in the available templates. Check out this blog for more information on the printing guidelines.

Have more questions about our poly mailer bags or plastic mailing bags? Contact our customer service via phone or in real-time on Live Chat.

Custom Mailing Bags FAQs

Q: Can I review my file before it’s printed?

A: Yes, you can request a free PDF proof after you have uploaded the file to our site. Under “Select a Proofing Option” select “Wait – I want to receive and approve a free PDF proof.” A PDF proof will be emailed for your approval. Your file will only be printed after you’ve approved it online.

Q:Do you check the submitted files before proceeding to production?

Yes, all submitted files go through an automated and human review to check and correct for technical quality. Find out more about our comprehensive file check here.

Q: How soon can I receive my order?

A: The arrival of your order depends on the printing time and your location. Your order is shipped after the indicated printing time. To find out how soon you can receive the mailing bags, select “Estimate Shipping & Delivery” and input your ZIP code. Several arrival dates will appear based on your address.