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Brochure Printing Cost

Practical Tips for a Cost-Effective Brochure Printing

Small businesses have used brochures in the same fashion as their bigger counter parts. The only difference between them is the budget they have for their marketing strategy. Keeping a small business running is about creating innovative ways and budget planning, to help you with that here are couple of things that affect a brochure’s pricing:size, fold, paper stock, and printed side.

Remember the bigger and heavier paper stock you use for your brochures, the higher the price goes. Weight in your marketing needs and adjust your brochure’s specs according to what your business needs. Here are a few things you may consider while creating your brochure.

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What is your marketing strategy?

Your brochure’s design relies heavily on how you want to use it. Are you going to need extensive product detail on your brochure? If so, you can use up a large sized brochure to have your product or service specs printed in full detail. Remember that brochures are used to introduce a company or a new product or service to a consumer base.

How are you going to use the brochure in your strategy?

Brochures are versatile marketing tools that you can use with a combination of other advertising tools such as flyers or postcards. If you plan to use a brochure with another print product, you can use the brochure as your primary informational tool and the other product as a form of call-to-action for your market. An ideal example here is the use of a brochure together with a postcard; the brochure can act as your product or service catalogue while the postcard can be used as a sales pitch, which includes discounts and other relevant offers.

How do you want your brochure to look like?

Brochures are used by businesses to publicize information about their products or service. Apart from its informational use, you can use brochure printing to announce sales to the public. This type of brochure is designed in catalogue form and includes pricing and discounts along with the product specs.

Apart from the specs, the process that your design undergoes also affects the price of your brochure prints. Majority of printers utilize two different types of printing methods – Offset Printing and Digital Printing. Make sure that your printer offers offset printing on their services as this is the cheapest method for producing high quality commercial prints in large quantities.

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