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Custom Sticker Maker

  • Add personality to your product packaging
  • Label anything with cut-to-size or roll stickers
  • Easy-to-follow sticker template for customization
Make Custom Stickers Now
sticker maker

Put the fun back in marketing with UPrinting's Custom Sticker maker

Breathe new life into your marketing by using our custom sticker maker. A fun way to add personality to your brand, personalized stickers are low-cost marketing tools that can bring serious impact to your bottom line.

sticker maker

Think of them as old-school advertising and the equivalent of today's social media. Customers show how much they "like" your brand by putting the stickers on their backpacks, laptops, cars, etc.

With our custom sticker maker and templates, it's easier to design beautiful labels that you can sell as products, hand out at events, or give as gifts to your customers. Choose from our wide variety of custom sticker designs or create your own from scratch.

UPrinting's Sticker Maker

Make custom stickers to skyrocket your sales

make bulk stickers

Easy to design.

Use our custom sticker maker to create beautiful designs that your customers will proudly display. No professional design skills required.

make business stickers

Customize to your heart's content.

Use various colors and styles to match your brand. With different sizes and shapes to choose from.

make cut-to-size or roll stickers

Different colors and styles to match your brand.

Get your message out there for a lot longer with sticker materials that can withstand the elements.

FAQs on how to make Stickers with UPrinting

Q: Is there an additional cost to using the custom sticker maker?

A: No, our sticker online design tool is free to use with every order of custom stickers. We also have a Car or Bumper sticker maker and logo sticker maker that are free to use.

Q: Will the ink run off in the rain?

Most of our stickers come with a lamination that makes them water-resistant. This helps prevent ink from running off. You can choose from the 70lb. high gloss UV for cut-to-size stickers and any BOPP for roll stickers.

Q: Which material is the most durable for outdoor use?

A: The 4 mil. white vinyl is the best choice for stickers that will be exposed to the sun and rain. It is the thickest material that we offer and comes with a high gloss finish.

Q: Should my artwork be in CMYK or RGB mode?

A: All artwork should be in CMYK mode to get the exact colors that you want on your printed product. RGB works better for web design and other applications that you view on your computer but for print products.

Q: Can I add rounded corners to square stickers?

A: Yes, this is an option that you find on the product calculator. Adding rounded corners with a 1/8" radius will prevent the corners of your stickers from peeling