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Laptop Stickers

3 Easy Steps To Get Started

  1. 1Download a template below
  2. 2Go to our Custom Stickers Page
  3. 3Upload your ready-to-print file or design online.

Stickers & Labels Free Design Templates

Laptop Stickers Your Customers Will Love to Show Off


Give away laptop stickers at special events or as freebies to gadgets you’re selling. They are an affordable and attractive way to promote your company without having to spend on ad space or digital promotions. Create a fun design your customers will want to apply on their laptop and show off wherever they decide to use it. 


How to Create Custom Laptop Stickers without Templates

This step-by-step guide helps you come up with a design that instantly grabs attention and reminds people of your brand.


  1. Select a shape in the form of or close to your logo. UPrinting lets you print in rectangle, square, circle, or oval. You can also print custom shapes based on your preferred width, height, or in complex designs.


  1. Choose a material that complements the design. We offer several sticker materials and different finishes to elevate your laptop sticker’s artwork
    • White sticker paper is a smooth, white paper that is suitable for laptops as they are made for indoor use. Although it's not waterproof, you're likely to keep your laptop away from water anyway. Your design will always look its best in this material.
    • BOPP comes in white, metallic, clear, or rainbow finishes. The clear finish is ideal for designs with a transparent background. The white provides a minimalist touch that’s perfect for a luxury brand, while a glamorous option is the rainbow holographic variation.
    • Textured materials are uncoated and normally used for wine bottles and food packaging. All variations are suitable for indoor use but can also resist water for a few hours. Each option is writable and comes with a luxurious, uncoated surface.


  1. Highlight important details with a matte or gloss laminate. Choose a coating that achieves your custom laptop sticker printing’s desired effect: 
  • Matte provides a soft, subdued look that’s perfect for pastel colors or designs that play with typography.
  • Gloss makes every color pop and shines from afar. 


  1. Let your design come together online or apply it to our templates. You can create a design using our online design tool or download a template in your preferred size. We offer templates for  Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, and Adobe Photoshop. Both tools include guidelines that ensure every detail is included before we proceed with printing.


  1. Select Review PDF Proof upon checkout.

To ensure every detail we print is correct, select Review PDF Proof upon checkout. This lets you correct errors before we proceed with printing.


Efficient and High-Quality Custom Laptop Stickers Printing


Fast Production Time

Print your custom laptop stickers in two business days. Production time begins upon approval of your PDF proof. Printing begins immediately for those who waive the PDF proof check.

Create a Custom Shape

Want to create a unique shape that isn’t the standard rectangle, square, circle, or oval? Select custom and indicate your preferred size. Upload or create the design online to show the special shape.

Personalize Every Detail

Let every part of your sticker work together for a stunning effect. Add a gloss finish that stands out or a matte one that is easy to read. Materials range from white and transparent to rainbow holographic.


Laptop Stickers FAQs

Can you create a sticker that is in the shape and size of my logo?

Yes, you can select a shape or customize one that is precisely cut in the form of your logo. Choose from square, rectangle, circle, or oval, or let us know if you have a specific size or form in mind.


Which is the most durable sticker material among the ones available?

BOPP materials are recommended for their waterproof capabilities and resistance to oil and chemicals. 


Can I create a custom laptop sticker with a transparent or white background?

Yes, you can select clear or white BOPP so that your design has your desired background color. 


What is the advantage of roll stickers? 

Roll stickers are ideal for large quantity orders — perfect for orders of 250 and up pieces. This format makes it easier to track the number of stickers per roll and how many are given away. 


Will the laptop sticker damage my laptop or cause it to overheat?

No. The laptop sticker will not damage your laptop or cause it to overheat. It is made of a self-adhesive material that readily sticks but does not leave your laptop with leftover residue or scratches. 


What is the best size for laptop stickers?

The size depends on the shape you need and the elements within your design. Circle stickers have smaller dimensions such as 1” x 1”, which is as tiny as a quarter. A slightly larger 2” x 2” stands outmore while still taking up less space. 


Among the square and rectangle sizes, the 2” x 3.5” is the same size as your standard business card. Smaller square sizes are also available in 2” x 2” and 3” x 3”. You can also opt for the larger 4” x 6” — about the same size of a photograph.