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Campaign Signs

  • Add stakes or grommets for a secure display
  • Made of durable 3/16” corrugated plastic
  • Choose from 5 standard sizes or indicate custom dimensions
Create Your Campaign Signs
campaign yard signs

Increase Your Candidate’s Exposure With Professionally Made Campaign Signs

Campaign signs pop up during an election, indicating a household’s support of a candidate. Political science professor, Jonathan Krasno, from the Binghamton University in New York said that signs are a cheaper alternative to television ads.

campaign vinyl banners

Apart from cost, political signs are more visible in areas your voters frequent, such as their neighborhood or hometown. Plus, it’s the promotional tool supporters will readily display. Here’s how you can design and print a high-quality political yard sign.

Design a Campaign Signs

How to Create Campaign Signs Online

1. Select a size based on your message and design.

Remember that your viewers will be driving or walking past with only a few seconds to keep your candidate in mind. No one wants to read a long message. Keep your slogan short and without unnecessary graphics distracting your reader from the candidate’s name and face.

2. Choose a printed side.

Will the signs be facing the road, on a house lawn? Print only on the front if the sign will be facing one side. If the sign will be placed along a road, where cars from both lanes can see either side, it’s best to print on the back and front of the campaign sign. Intersections along high traffic roads are the best locations for double-sided signs.

3. Add stakes or grommets to secure your yard sign.

Include H-shaped lawn stakes so your sign stays and sticks to the ground.

Choose grommets to hang signs at a raised height. Grommets are holes fastened around a banner’s corners. Slip twist ties through or put a screw into the holes to secure it on a wall.

4. Upload your file online or create a design on the site.

After selecting your size, printed sides, and display options, you can upload your design or create it using UPrinting’s intuitive online design tool.

Tips on Making Your Campaign Sign Effective

Ask yourself these important questions to help create impactful political yard signs:

How will the candidate’s name affect the design?

Consider the length of your candidate’s name when choosing between a horizontal or vertical orientation. Are you including the candidate’s first name along with the last name, or just including his or her last name for emphasis?

Are you placing both the president and vice-president candidates on one sign? The length and number of words will help you decide on the right size and orientation.

Do you add a slogan?

Yard signs are only seen for a few seconds. Passersby won’t have any time to finish a long message. Stick to your candidate’s name so that recall builds over time.

What kind of symbols should I add?

Space and time are limited on a political sign, so convey the rest of your message in icons. Use party-related symbols and colors to show voters who exactly your candidate is running under.

Maximize Your Campaign Sign Printing

print bulk political posters

Save More with Bigger Orders

Buy in bulk and spend less on each sign. Order 100 signs and spend just $11.22 each versus $13.58 each when you order a total of 30 signs.

mounted posters

Customize the Sign’s Size

Need a larger or smaller size that isn’t among the available dimensions? Select Custom Size on the online calculator and you can indicate your preferred width and height in inches or feet.

political mounted posters

Approve Your Free Design Proof

Want to double check your file before it proceeds with printing? After uploading your file, select “Wait — I want to receive and approve a free PDF proof” under the Proofing Options menu. The file won’t be printed until you approve it online.

Campaign Signs FAQs

Q: Will the campaign sign’s material withstand outdoor elements?

A: Your campaign signs can be printed in 1 business day. Note that the printing time is how long it will take to produce your sign. It does not include shipping.

Q: Can I create my campaign poster online?

Yes, the yard sign is made of thick 3/16” corrugated plastic board. This material is waterproof and durable enough to last throughout constant outdoor exposure.

Q:What is the fastest printing time for political signs?

A: Your campaign signs can be printed in 1 business day. Note that the printing time is how long it will take to produce your sign. It does not include shipping.

Q: Can I print on both sides of the campaign sign?

A: Yes, you can print on both sides of the yard sign.

Q: How do I assemble a yard sign?

A: Assembly depends on how you will display the sign. Stakes can be inserted directly into the flutes of the corrugated plastic board.

Insert ropes or twist ties into the grommet holes or screw the yard sign on a surface

Q:How many grommets can I add on a yard sign?

A: You can add two grommets at the left and right corners or grommets on all four corners.