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Cake Boxes

  • High-quality printing at affordable prices
  • Create and preview your design in 3D
  • No minimum quantity to order
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custom cake boxes

Customize Easy to Use Assemble Cake Boxes for Your Bakery

Design cake boxes built to present and protect your handcrafted creation. Choose the exact size your bakery packaging requires, along with other customizable features that will help boost your brand, while also keeping the cake fresh and delicious to serve.

custom cake boxes

Available in the classic roll-end tuck box style you can assemble and seal for delivery or storage in minutes. These custom cake boxes are printed in high-quality materials and come at affordable wholesale rates. Find out how you can personalize each detail for your business below.

UPrinting's CakeBoxes

4 High-Quality Features for Customizing Your Shoe Boxes

Customize the size to fit the packaging for your product.

Choose the length, width, and depth that fits your product, but also adding some allowances for wrapping paper or protective fillers inside the box. Measure the pair of shoes and expand the dimensions you need based on what will be packaged inside the box.

Print in sturdy corrugated cardboard built for long-distance transit.

Product boxes are available in cardstock or corrugated cardboard. We recommend the latter to protect the shoes during delivery, storage, and reorganizing on display. This material is built with three layers to protect it from external impact. Your box should look good as new even after being in transit and passing through different points.

Create the box in real-time using the 3D online design tool.

No need to use Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Publisher to design your custom show box. Select Design Your Product Box Online at the bottom of the online calculator to load the tool. You can add colors, text, shapes, and images to your browser. The tool lets you start with the box exterior design. It also previews how the box will appear in 3D after every update.

Select color and finish that suits your brand.

  • Standard white has a natural, uncoated finish perfect for elegant, understated designs. Available at affordable rates that don’t compromise quality.
  • Premium white has a smoother and brighter finish that suits luxury brands. Add glossy ink if you want select areas to come out more vibrant.
  • Kraft (brown) has a natural, rustic-like appearance suited for simpler, down-to-earth designs. It’s a common choice among athletic shoes.

How to Create Custom Design Cake Boxes

Fulfill your bakery orders quickly with the roll-end tuck boxes.

No need to use glue, tape, or any adhesive to assemble this popular, classic style. It’s composed of three parts that keep your cake and other pastries fresh and intact before and after storage or delivery:
  1. The top lid has dust flaps that prevent dust from going inside the box.
  2. Cherry locks seal the entire box by locking into both sides at the front.
  3. Roll ends on the sides to add more protection and strength against external impact.

Design in dimensions that will fit your cake and brand guidelines.

Choose the exact length, width, and depth your cake requires from the ranges below:
  • Length: 2” – 12”
  • Width: 1.5” – 8”
  • Depth: 0.75” – 6”

Select a thick cardstock to protect the weight of your cake or pastry.

  • Three sturdy cardstock materials are available for any size and shape of a cake.
  • Lightweight yet durable 14 pt. cardstock suited for smaller pastries like cupcakes or cookies.
  • Double the thickness with the 18 pt. cardstock that can carry medium-sized cakes.
  • The thickest and sturdiest 24 pt. cardstock built for large cake sizes 16” and above.

Add custom details to enhance the presentation of your brand and the protection of your item.

  • Protective coating in elegant matte, bright gloss, or extra shiny high gloss UV
  • Premium finishes that highlight your brand name or logo:
  1. Metal-like foil accents you can print in 6 colors
  2. Embossed or elegantly raised text or images, perfect for a cake box with a custom logo.
  3. Clear and shiny spot UV to highlight detail over a smooth, matte surface.
  4. Window patching to preview the design on your cake or pastry.
  5. Box inserts to protect separate pieces put together in one box.

Create and preview your cake box design using our 3D design tool.

No background in editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop or InDesign? Use the online design tool accessible from the website product calculator. It lets you add images, text, and colors on the exterior and/or interior sides of the box. You can select a specific side and see how it appears in 3D with every update.

Order a sample to see if our services meet your requirements.

Need to see the printed box to test with your product? Order one (1) custom cake box based on your specifications and we’ll print it in 3 to 5 business days.

Talk to our customer service representatives for your questions and clarifications.

Have questions about features, materials, or other customizations you have in mind? Contact our friendly customer service representatives and they’ll quickly respond to all your queries. You can call them or get in touch using the Live Chat features.

Cake Boxes FAQs

Q:How soon can I receive my cake boxes?

A: The standard production time for custom boxes is from 10 to 15 business days. Note that if you want to view and approve the file before printing, that may delay the shipping time of your order. Your order will be shipped after the production and approval period.

Q:Is there a faster printing time available for bulk orders?

Yes, you can expedite production to 6 to 8 business days. Select “Expedite Production” on the calculator for this option. Upon checkout, you’ll see the transit time based on your production time and address.

Q:Can I review the custom cake box design before it’s printed?

A: Yes, you can request a free PDF proof after selecting “Add to Cart” on the online design tool. Choose “Send me a PDF proof for approval” on the pop-up window to receive the file in your email. Production will only begin once we receive approval of your proof.