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Thick Business Cards

  • Printed on Thick 32pt Cardstock
  • Tear and crease-resistant cardstock
  • 14 bright colors to choose from
  • Impressive look and feel
Make Thick Business Cards
painted edge business cards

Be bold. Stand out with thick business cards.

Show your personality with thick business cards. These conversation starters give the appearance of strength with the extra-thick 32pt. cardstock and a pop of color with the painted edges. Perfect for any kind of business or profession, especially if your work calls for great attention to details.

sticker maker

Slightly thicker than a credit card, these business cards will surely stand out in a stack. Whether your brand is sophisticated or playful, the addition of color and use of thicker material can make a subtle yet lasting impression. It shows that you care about the smallest details.

Make Thick Business Cards

The Look and Feel of Luxury

black thick business cards

Extra Thick Cardstock

The 32 pt. cardstock is tear and crease-resistant. It’s twice as thick as a standard business card.

different colors for thick business cards

Colors to match your brand

Choose from 14 bright colors, including metallic ones that add sparkle to your business cards.

Painted Edge Business Cards

Print front and back

Plenty of space to put your company details. You can also use one side to feature your logo.

Thick Business Card FAQs

Q: Can I customize the size of my business cards?

A: We don’t offer size customization for these cards, but you can choose from the three sizes that we offer: 2” x 3.5” (standard size), 2.125” x 3.375”, and 2.5” x 2.5”.

Q: Can I pick two colors for the edges?

A: The edges can only be painted in one color. If you want the edges to be more noticeable, you can choose a metallic color.

Q: Are the cards available in glossy or matte finish?

A: The cards are available in uncoated cardstock only.