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Magnet Sizes

Customize Magnets with Popular Promotional Sizes

There are different promotional magnet sizes that are out in the market — choices depend on their purpose and the designs that you will use.

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Widely-used magnet sizes are:

2” x 3.5” and 3” x 4”. These are categorized as business card magnets because their sizes are similar to conventional business cards. These can contain contact information of any business owner and can be distributed like any other business card. You can also include business names and contact information. Business card magnets are handy and easy to distribute to customers and passersby.

4” x 6” and 4” x 8”. Magnets of these sizes are the most popular because they are ideal for business or personal use:
  • Calendars. Put a calendar on a magnet and give your customers a good reason to keep the magnets throughout the year and give your business name a chance to be displayed all year as well.
  • Save-the-date. Send out magnets to friends and relatives to reserve a special date for an upcoming event. These are teasers to actual invitations, which can be sent on a later date. Entrepreneurs can distribute save-the-date magnets before the launch of their new store or product.
  • Invitations. These can be stuck to fridge doors and serve as a reminder of a special occasion. Businessmen can use this to invite customers or inform them about upcoming promos.
  • Magnetic Postcards. Photos of sceneries on postcards can be displayed better if they are stuck to fridge doors or file cabinets. Hotel and resort owners can use these to promote their business.

8.5” x 11” and 12” x 24”. These are often called car magnets or vehicle magnets because these are stuck to vehicle doors to advertise products and services. Car magnets are large printed magnetic stocks that can contain bigger designs compared to the first two categories mentioned above. These have large texts that are easy to read from a distance.


The dimensions above are the standard sizes available in the market. Magnet printing companies offer customization options if you have design ideas that don’t fit on the regular sizes. Check the magnetic stock too — bigger sizes need thicker magnets to hold them up. Once you’ve chosen the appropriate designs and magnet sizes, look for a printing company that produces affordable quality magnets.