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How to Remove Stickers From Glass

Anyone who has ever had to remove a sticker from a glass surface knows how frustrating it can be. If you've ever tried peeling off a sticker, only to end up with sticky fingers and scratched glass, you know what we mean.

Sometimes, removing a stubborn sticker off of glass can be as aggravating as raking nails across a chalkboard. And that’s not your fault. Not all stickers are made for glass, and that’s where the problem commonly lies. Whether it’s a sticker on your windshield or a price tag that you want to peel off a glass mirror, some stickers are just not meant to be used for glass, so they don’t come off as easily as they should.

The next time you encounter this sticky situation, remember these tips so you can easily peel off a sticker from glass without scratching its surface.

What to Use in Removing Stickers

Use hot, soapy water. The easiest way to loosen the sticker and break down the sticker’s adhesive material is by using soap and hot water. Any hand soap or dishwashing liquid will do. Try soaking the glass in hot, soapy water for about 10 to 20 minutes.

If the piece of glass is too big to be submerged in water, soak a sponge instead and apply it on the sticker for 10 to 20 minutes. After that, you can try scraping it off with your fingernails or a hard plastic card (like a credit card).

Turn up the heat with a hairdryer. If hot water and soap don’t do the trick, try applying direct heat to the sticker. Use a hairdryer to blast the glass with hot air for a couple of minutes. If you’re trying to remove a label from a bottle or jar, you can use an oven or a microwave to heat the sticker.

When you’re done, remember to hold the glass away from the heated portion so you won’t burn your fingers. Don’t let the glass cool back down – use a credit card to peel off the corners of the sticker.

Use an ice pack. Another handy way to peel off pesky stickers is by using an ice pack. Hold one over the sticker and let it cool for a few minutes. This helps loosen up the sticker, making it easy for you to remove the sticker using a razor blade.

Use a lubricant to speed things up. Try using a lubricant to loosen the bond of the stubborn sticker’s adhesive material. You don’t have to run to the store to buy one – you can use any of the following:

  • • WD-40
  • • Rubbing Alcohol
  • • Nail Polish Remover
  • • Room-Temperature Cooking Oil
  • • Window Cleaner
  • • Vinegar
  • • Essential Oils

Apply any of these materials with a damp cloth and coat the sticker with it for a few seconds. Afterward, you can use a gloved finger or a cloth to rub the sticker off the glass. In some cases, you might still need to use a razor blade or a plastic card to peel the sticky residue off the glass.

Some materials (such as rubbing alcohol or vinegar) will require more vigorous rubbing, but are still cheaper and safer to use. These won’t leave a strong chemical smell after use, so it’s a better option when you’re removing stickers from glass jars or bottles that will be reused.

Final Tips

If you’re going to use a razor blade to peel off the sticker or scrape off any sticker residues, be careful not to leave a mark on the glass surface. Make sure that you’re scraping the sticker at an angle and you’re not using a dull blade to prevent scratches.

After you have successfully removed the sticker or label from your window or car windshield, remember to clean it with a cloth and water.

When you try any of these tips, remember to be extra patient. In some cases, you may have to put some muscle into the task, and it can take you a few minutes to remove stickers from glass completely. Be patient and just stick to the job – no pun intended!