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Custom Holiday Boxes

  • Create a mailer box that fits a variety of items
  • Choose the size, finish, and material of the package
  • No minimum quantity required for every order Customize Your Box Design
holiday blue mailer gift boxes

Make Your Gifts Extra Special With Custom Holiday Boxes


Create holiday boxes that customers will want to give as presents to loved ones and themselves. Send out a festive mailer box gift givers and recipients will look forward to seeing on their doorsteps. You can easily combine the features you need to make the season extra special.


Choose between a luxurious white for elegant designs or a natural Kraft brown for rustic brands. Either option can complement the branded colors, logo, and text that will distinguish your product. The premium white option comes in glossy ink, while the Kraft option comes in a natural, uncoated finish.


You’re also free to customize and combine the correct width, height, and depth for your mailer box. The variety of dimensions ensures all items fit perfectly, while also providing that unique unboxing experience for your customers. Take into account any allowances for bubble wrap, paper, and other packaging accessories that will protect your items in transit.


All holiday gift boxes are made of sturdy corrugated cardboard built to withstand shipping. We choose the best thickness for your box based on the indicated dimensions. Here are other benefits of creating your mailer box at UPrinting.



Treat Customers to a Gift That Keeps Giving

custom product gift boxes

Customize the Size and Material of Your Design

Input your preferred length, width, and diameter for your holiday box. We offer a variety of dimensions, from 3” to 25” for the length, 2” to 25” for the width, and between 1” and 15” for the depth. Combine your desired specs and you can preview it right beside the online calculator.

3 candle gift boxes

No Minimum Order Quantity Required

Need to see a sample before committing to a large order? Order 1 box in your exact specifications and we’ll deliver it to you in a few business days. Our mailer boxes cost $29.70 each. You can request for a dieline if the artwork for your holiday gift box is ready.

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Preview the Design Before It’s Printed

Use our online design tool to see the holiday box’s appearance before it’s printed. Your work can be viewed in 3D and includes both the exterior and interior of the box. You can add colors, text, and images to complete the design all on your browser.



Holiday Box FAQs


Q: When is the best time to order my holiday boxes?

A: We recommend ordering the holiday boxes at least two weeks before you need to distribute or display them. Our boxes take 15 business days to produce, ensuring the best quality in every order. If you need the production expedited, it will take about one week or 6 to 8 business days.

Q: When will my order ship? When will it arrive?

A: Your order will be printed after we've inspected and checked that there are no errors in your artwork. If you want to review the file before it is printed, select “Send me a PDF proof for approval.” We’ll ship the boxes after they have been printed. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer service representatives at 888-888-4211.

Q: Do you have a minimum number of orders for holiday mailer boxes?

A: No, there is no minimum order quantity for all deliveries. You can order a sample box to see if the material, size, and finish fits your needs. After ensuring we’ve met your needs, you can return to the online calculator and order a larger quantity.