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Tent Cards

The Impact of Tent Card Advertising

Tent Cards, also known as Table Tents, are triangular table displays. They are folded in a way that it is readable from both sides of the display. These are  used to advertise products and services or promote discounts. They are printed on flat card stock that has score/fold lines which serve as guides in assembling the card. When displayed, two sides show the promotional layout while the remaining side serves as the base. 
These are effective advertising tools  that can be easily seen by customers. The orientation and design of these cards depend on the image and layout you wish to put. But you should not forget that how these cards are displayed has an effect on its over-all design. For example, a vertical display is more appropriate for an image of a wine bottle. Similarly, a photo of a seafood platter may look good on a horizontal layout. Be creative in deciding on your design.
Disclaimer: The image on this page is not owned by UPrinting and is used solely as a design example. Please use the link at the bottom of the image to see its original source.

Tent Cards
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