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Custom Box FAQs

Find out what you need to know about ordering boxes, creating a design, and processing your shipment.
Custom Boxes

Large, high-volume orders are delivered in a shipping or mailer box. The following factors will help determine if a shipping or mailer box is the best packaging for your items.

The Number of Items for Delivery

Mailer boxes are able to fit several items of different sizes. They are a common choice among subscription boxes that deliver an assortment of products. The shape of a mailer box allows for that unique unboxing experience and presentation.

Shipping boxes are able to deliver a larger number of items. The length, width, and depth ranges are bigger compared to mailer boxes. Below is a comparison of the length, width, and depth sizes available for mailer and shipping boxes:

Dimension Mailer Boxes Shipping Boxes
Length 3” - 25” 2” - 30”
Width 2” - 25” 2” - 29”
Depth 1” - 15” 2.5” - 32”

Assembly Time

Mailer boxes don’t need as much padding compared to shipping boxes. They can also be assembled and closed without the use of tape or glue. Companies that need to save time and money preparing orders should choose mailer boxes.

Dimensional Weight

UPS and FedEx charge for dimensional weight or the space your box consumes in their trucks. To compute for dimensional weight:

Dimensional weight = Length x Width x Depth (Inches) / Volumetric Divisor

By default, mailer boxes weigh less and take up less space. But if your product needs extra space within the packaging, shipping boxes are the smarter choice.


Custom dimensions


Quantities starting at 1


Full-color printing
inside & outside


3D design tool


Sustainably sourced
& recyclable