Custom Box FAQs

Find out what you need to know about ordering boxes, creating a design, and processing your shipment.
Custom Boxes

There are three concerns when it comes to ordering custom mailer boxes.


Cost is the primary concern when ordering custom mailer boxes. Your budget will determine which material you can afford and the dimensions within your size’s limit. The larger your order on UPrinting, the more you save in terms of the unit price.


Size is another important concern when planning a mailer box. The size of your products will determine the mailer box's length, width, and depth. You also need to consider how the products will be packaged.

How much space will additional items such as paper or bubble wrap consume in the box? You may also want to add some clearance to each side so all products fit inside the mailer box.


The material will protect your mailed items and complement your box design. All our options are sturdy enough to ship several items.

  • Standard white corrugated cardboard has an uncoated finish and is the most popular, economical choice.
  • Premium white corrugated cardboard provides a brighter white finish that suits luxury brands. Natural, organic products can opt for the Kraft (brown) corrugated cardboard.


Custom dimensions


Quantities starting at 1


Full-color printing
inside & outside


3D design tool


Sustainably sourced
& recyclable