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Custom Gift Certificates

Use Custom Gift Certificates for Different Types of Businesses

Increase brand loyalty and sales using custom gift certificates. Gone are the days when certificates were only popular among department stores and movie houses. Nowadays, more and more businesses are  using the power of these marketing materials. Most establishments are now utilizing gift certificates to promote products and establish brand identity. Certificates are great for attracting both new and repeat customers. These tools are especially popular during the holidays. Customers can give them around as gifts to friends, families or clients. 

Below are some examples of gift certificates for businesses: 

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Custom Gift Certificate Sample_01

Spas – Spa certificates are popular gifts during the holidays and special occasions. They are most popular among spa-lovers and busy people who just want to relax once in a while. They are appropriate for any age group. 

Custom Gift Certificate Sample_02

Restaurants – These are great rewards for your loyal customers. Food is universal so this type of certificate is an ideal gift for all types of market. Provide them with a freebie of their choice. Include a picture of the product you're offering to make the certificates more attractive. 

Restaurant Gift Certificate Sample_02
Bookstores – Bookstores use certificates to encourage customers to spend more. They give the assumption that with certificates you can get more books for more affordable prices.   

Bookstore Gift Certificate Sample_02

When designing your certificates make sure that they complement your products and market. 

Our gift certificates printing uses premium glossy card stocks. It comes with sequential numbering for easy tracking. They come with optional white envelopes. 

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