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What Makes Corporate Apparel Essential for Marketing

One of the most often neglected marketing methods available to businesses is corporate apparel. Your front-facing employees serve as representatives of your brand. How they look serves as a mirror for what your business stands for.

Because appearances matter in the world of marketing, corporate apparel is an important factor to consider in your strategy. Using branded clothing as uniforms go a long way in maintaining a presentable and professional look. Uniforms help customers identify your employees with ease, making it easy for them to approach the staff.

Corporate apparel also goes beyond your employees. You can send out branded clothing as promotional materials to clients, suppliers, and even friends and family. As long as its tastefully designed, you can rest assured that these items will be used often, thus extending the reach of your branding.

Want to order and design clothing for your business but don’t know where to start? Read on as we look at five of the most popular promotional apparel trends in the industry today.

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Top 5 Promotional Apparel Trends in 2021

As far as corporate apparel trends go, not a lot has changed between 2020 and 2021 due to both years firmly being in the middle of a global pandemic. Working from home became the norm and uniforms consisted of donning pajamas while attending Zoom meetings. However, thanks to the vaccine rollout, 2021 saw more relaxed restrictions as companies slowly picked up the pace and went back to work. Here are the top apparel trends we’ve noticed for the year:

  • • Athleisure is still the name of the game - This is a trend that’s showing no signs of stopping. Athleisure, which is casual comfortable clothing that can be used both for exercise and everyday wear, is still at its peak. Especially with flexible work arrangements, people want hybrid clothing that can be worn in many different settings. These form-fitting performance apparel are a popular option for corporate giveaways because of the comfort it provides and how it can be used practically everywhere.
  • • Functional fashion - Nowadays, it’s not enough for your clothing to look good. It has to be functional as well. Consider apparel that offers more than the ordinary for your next giveaway. These include clothing options that are moisture wicking, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and provide UV protection. These additional features give more value to your branded apparel, whether they’re made for employees or used for promotional purposes.
  • • Go green - Sustainability is more than a buzzword – it's a lifestyle. Consumers have become more discerning about how fabrics are sourced while some companies have taken a stand to be more environmentally conscious. This led to sustainable fabric innovations designed to lessen one’s carbon footprint and waste. Clothing companies have been slowly rolling out fabrics made from environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, such as recycled polyester. By opting for these apparel options, you can look good while helping minimize your company’s environmental impact.
  • • Add a splash of color – Bring out your brand’s personality by playing around with color. Choose from a wide array of fabric hues to jazz up your company uniforms. If your brand uses dark, solid colors, you can add a contrasty hue through embroidery or printing. This gives your uniforms a playful touch while still being on brand.
  • • Outerwear is in – One of the most popular corporate apparel trends is outerwear. Nowadays social interactions are taking place outdoors again and therefore necessary to layer up, especially in the cold season. Take this opportunity to add your branding to coats, jackets, sweaters, and hoodies.

Is your company up to date and following any of these trends? Don’t get lost in the shuffle. Apply these corporate apparel trends today with UPrinting. We offer a wide selection of custom apparel that will help your business looks its best.