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Concert Tickets

Custom Concert Tickets for Your Event Needs

Getting popular live acts to perform for your event can help boost ticket sales, so it is best to provide your patrons with concert tickets that'll rock their socks off! The ticket design can help the patrons get pumped up for the upcoming concert. Aside from the information contained in each concert pass, it can also be printed with attractive images and design that best capture the spirit of the event. Having your concert tickets printed with striking colors and readable event information are things to consider when coming up with an event ticket.

This ticket type has perforation or a series of small holes across the ticket stock that allows for easy tearing of the ticket upon the patron's entry to the event. Once torn, portion of the concert ticket goes to the organizers, while the other portion goes to the the patrons. The former receives the side of the ticket that has sequential numbering, which allows event organizers to monitor the number of concert attendees.

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Concert Tickets

UPrinting offers ticket printing at an affordable price. We use a durable, yet lightweight card stock with a glossy finish. The sheen of the coating makes your ticket design more vibrant and attractive. Got a ticket design idea? Make sure you design your concert tickets that people want to keep as tokens of the event! Before we proceed printing your order, send us your design so we can correct technical errors in your artwork for free. For queries, call our customer service representatives now!