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Holiday Window Clings

Increase Your Holiday Sales with Window Clings

Christmas is a season of gift-giving, merry-making and decorations set-up to celebrate the Yuletide cheer. Santa Claus, reindeers, snowman, candy canes and Christmas trees are just some of the many images used during this time of year to bring out the Holiday spirit.

While residents are busy designing their homes with elaborate Christmas decoration and listing down the gifts they'll have to give out, you are most likely slashing down prices of your store products to prepare for the Christmas sale. As store owners, you are aware of consumers jumping from store to store in search of gifts for their loved ones. Therefore, you should take advantage of the season by applying Christmas window clings on your display windows. These serve not only as wall decors designed with captivating artwork, but also as POP (point of purchase) displays that contain catchy slogans. Both elements on your windows clings should encourage people to enter your store and make those last-minute purchases before Christmas Day. After all, it is a season of gift-giving, which also justifies the indulgence of people to shop!

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Christmas Window Clings

Customers get excited when they see Christmas displays on store windows. The decorations bring them the joy of the season and can entice them to buy your products. For example, if you are running a hardware store, place an image of Santa Clause pulling out your featured products from his Christmas sack. On the other hand, computer stores can feature St. Nick using your brand of laptop to check his very long gift list. Relate your products with your window clings and get creative with your marketing designs!

Christmas Window Clings

Window clings have a number of advantages over other POP displays:
  • They are seen from outside of stores. Window clings relay messages and display your product photos to passersby who could decide to go inside your shop and check out your items — then you can start with the sales talk. Spread Christmas joy by displaying eye-catching images and designs that are visible from afar.
  • Window clings serve as decoration. Besides selling your products to customers, window clings also counter the plainness of windows and glass doors. This makes your entrance more appealing to people. The challenge is that you are not the only shop who is putting up decorations to gain customers. Edge out your competition by placing head-turning displays; exaggerate your emblems by over-sizing them like an image of a giant and shimmering Christmas ball. Wow your customers with your holiday designs!
  • They give privacy to your store and shoppers. Since there are a lot of people on the streets and malls, give your customers some privacy by installing window clings that cover your store interiors and minimize exposure from the outside. Choose a thick material for your window cling to ensure that you aren’t seen from the outside.

For your high-quality window clings this Holiday season, let do the job for you. We use fade-resistant, UV inks on thick vinyl to keep your designs in mint condition even after a long period of exposure. The vinyl is opaque and helps cover your store interiors. Print from a range of 8” x 8” to 52” x 100”, depending on your design choice. No design yet? Use our Easy Design Tool to create your layout! For questions, call our customer service representatives now!