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Wholesale Poster Printing

Advantages of Printing Posters by Bulk

Wholesale posters are displayed at places with high foot traffic for informational drives, educational purposes, promotions or political campaigns. To print in wholesale means to order 50 printed copies or more. If you need high-quality posters in large quantities, wholesale printing is the way to go. Here are three reasons why you should try printing posters in bulk:

Wholesale Poster Printing_01

Lessens costs

Buying in bulk will provide you more value for your money compared to ordering in small quantities. Unlike short runs in which the unit price stays the same regardless of quantity, unit price for bulk orders decreases as quantity goes up. This is because bulk orders are printed using offset presses, which is known to provide highly affordable prints as the unit increases. Therefore, the money saved for ordering wholesale posters can be used to pay for other costs like shipping fees, mailing services and the like.

Consistent high-quality prints

Ordering in bulk will not only affect the quality of posters, but also produce high-quality images for your print materials. The process of offset printing involves transferring the image from the plate cylinder to the rubber blanket before coming into contact with the paper. Compared to digital printing, the ink is absorbed by the paper much better, making for sharper and cleaner poster designs.

Saves time

All your copies, whether it reaches up to 50,000 prints or more, are ready for delivery after 3 business days. For orders as few as 50 posters, it’ll only take 1 business day for the posters to be printed before shipping. This is important especially if you need bulk posters delivered at your doorsteps at the least time possible.

Now that you know the advantages of printing your posters by bulk, it is time to plan your posters for wholesale printers, especially if you keep ordering the same poster design for short runs. Not only will you be able to save money for large quantities, but also create full-color posters to grab the attention of your target market.