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Custom Produce Boxes

  • Deliver fruits and vegetables safely in large shipping boxes
  • Comes in corrugated cardboard that withstands external impact
  • Showcase your logo on premium white or a Kraft brown color
custom produce boxes

Safely Package and Deliver Fresh Essentials in Durable Produce Boxes

Make sure all your fruit and vegetable deliveries stay fresh and undamaged in extra sturdy produce boxes. Choose and combine features for a shipping box that withstands external impact and keeps every item intact. We print all custom produce boxes on thick, three-layer corrugated cardboard built for long-distance deliveries. Groceries, stores, and restaurants can all count on the best quality with every package they receive from your businesses.

Smooth and Efficient Manufacturing of Your Custom Produce Boxes


Start with a sample box to see if you got all the specs right.

We understand your hesitation to commit to a large quantity order. You can start with 1 sample shipping box and we’ll produce it based on your indicated specifications. Sample shipping produce boxes start at $34.49 and are manufactured in 3 to 5 business days.


Fast, easy, and efficient assembly to ensure timely produce deliveries.

You’ll receive your custom produce boxes pre-glued for faster assembly. Just fold the flaps down to the middle before sealing the bottom with tape. You’ll be able to pack your fresh produce in no time after preparing each box for delivery or storage.


Three-layer corrugated cardboard options built to protect your shipments from damage.

Your cardboard produce boxes are made for delivering bulk quantities of items. The material is thick enough to protect your fruits and vegetables from damage as they are transported in transit. Be sure to also include additional protection within the box for your perishable items. You can add custom inserts to keep each produce item secure and intact.

If you need the boxes sooner, we can manufacture quantities of 25 to 500 units in 6 to 8 business days. Note that your produce boxes will be shipped after your selected production time.


Standard production time allows us to thoroughly review your design, correct technical errors, and execute quality in every shipping box.

Bulk quantity orders require 20 to 25 business days to produce the shipping boxes. This production period gives us enough time to comprehensively check your design, correct the file for any errors, and adhere to all quality assurance standards before and after production.

If you need the boxes sooner, we can manufacture quantities of 25 to 500 units in 6 to 8 business days. Note that your produce boxes will be shipped after your selected production time.

How to Create Your Own Cardboard Produce Boxes

custom box

Choose your box specifications.

On the online calculator, input the length, width, and depth you need to fit your produce. Below are the dimension ranges for each measurement:

  • Length: 2" - 30"
  • Width: 2" - 29"
  • Depth: 2.5" - 32"

Select the best color for your shipping boxes' corrugated cardboard.

Use packaging design and aesthetics to remind clients of your reliability and quality as a produce supplier. Depending on your brand's image, we offer several corrugated cardboard options to match the design you have in mind:

  • Standard white is an affordable yet high-end-looking option for brands with a smooth minimalist design.
  • Premium white offers a sleeker and more luxurious finish that suits organic brands or companies targeting a market that focuses on quality.
  • Premium white with glossy ink lets you add extra shine to your logo to complement the minimalist background. Perfect for popular brands or small businesses that need to get their names out there.
  • Kraft (brown) has a rustic, natural color associated with corrugated cardboard. The down-to-earth look suits small farms or neighborhood businesses that want to emphasize their produce's healthy, organic growth.

Create a design online.

Now that you've selected all the necessary specifications, you can see your produce box design come to life on our online design tool. Select "Design Your Shipping Box Online" at the bottom of the online calculator to access the device. Your browser will load and show the easy-to-use tool that also previews the design in 3D. The 3D preview updates with every addition on the design panel.

Request for a free PDF proof and approve it.

After creating your design online, select "Add to Cart" and choose "Send me a PDF proof for approval" from the pop-up window. We will email the PDF proof after the review for any technical errors. We will only manufacture your produce boxes after we receive your approval.

Custom Produce Boxes FAQs

Q: Can I upload a design file for you to use when manufacturing the produce boxes?

A: No, but you can request a dieline template. After inputting your design specs on the online calculator, select Order Now & Receive a Dieline Template. We'll send you a PDF showing the flat layout of the box exterior and the correct placement for each panel. the dieline template also includes printing guidelines to ensure no detail is missed or left blank upon production.

Q:Is there a minimum quantity required to order produce boxes?

A: No, you can order 1 sample box to see if the chosen specifications and your design fit your shipment and branding needs.

Q:How soon can I receive the produce boxes I ordered?

A: Our custom produce boxes take at least 20 to 25 business days in production for all large quantities. If your schedule requires a faster production time, quantities between 25 to 500 can be done in 6 to 8 business days. One sample box will take only 3 to 5 business days to manufacture. Your custom orders are shipped after your designated production time.

Q:Will my produce box design be reviewed before it's sent to production?

A: Yes, our prepress team ensures your design file fulfills all the technical requirements and provides the highest quality for production. They will also correct the file for any errors and inform you of any changes that need to be made.

Q:Do I save more with cardboard produce boxes sold wholesale?

A: Yes, the bigger your order quantity, the bigger your per-unit discount. The online product calculator lists how much you save as the quantity increases.?