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Door Stickers

  • Print in 4 standard shapes or custom dimensions
  • Choose between clear or white window adhesive vinyl
  • Order up to 100 door decals to save on unit costs
Make Custom Stickers Now
custom door stickers

Draw More Business in With Custom Door Stickers

Your storefront sets an impression on potential customers. An attractive door decal provides a tactile tug that draws them into your store. A 2018 FedEx Office survey indicated that 85% of consumers were more likely to buy at a small business that used custom printed materials like signs, banners, and flyers. You can customize door stickers to showcase your products, discounts, and hours. Creatively displaying all this information motivates customers to check out your items or inquire about your services.

Design custom door decals that will stand out at a glance. You can print door stickers on clear or white adhesive vinyl. This material is removable and repositionable but adheres strongly to the applied surface. Check out the Materials & Specs tab for more information on each adhesive vinyl option. If you select a clear adhesive vinyl, we can prepare the file to accurately reflect the transparent and colored elements. Indicate the file preparation you require with the white ink options below:
  • Make everything transparent means the whole sticker design will be clear or see-through. No white ink layer will be added to any element.
  • Make only the background clear indicates that the text and images are opaque or have a solid color. Only the background remains transparent.
  • Make white areas clear specifies that all white-colored elements will be transparent when printed. Every non-white element will have a layer underneath to make it opaque.
  • Follow file settings specifies that you've added the necessary white layers underneath the opaque areas. We will not touch the file and print it as is.

Several sizes are available for the four standard shapes: square, rectangle, circle, and oval. The smallest size starts at 6” x 6”, while the largest is at 48” x 48". You can also select “Custom” as your shape and combine several widths and heights to meet your specifications.
  • Download any of the templates below to get started. Upload the design as is on the online calculator or use our online tool to customize it for your brand.

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    Door Decals FAQs?

    Q:How do I apply door stickers or decals?

    A: Follow these steps to apply door stickers properly:

    1. Clean the transfer surface. It should be free of dust and grime.
    2. Peel the edge of the back and then apply it carefully it on the door. If you can’t measure alignments correctly, place painter’s tape so that the decal sticks while peeling off the backing.
    3. Use a squeegee to press the decal on the wall.

    Q: How often can I reuse the door sticker?

    You can reuse the door sticker as often as possible. Make sure, however, that the sticker is well-maintained throughout its display.

    Q: Which material is the most durable for outdoor use?

    A: The 4 mil. white vinyl is the best choice for stickers that will be exposed to the sun and rain. It is the thickest material that we offer and comes with a high gloss finish.

    Q:Can I apply door stickers outdoors?

    A: Yes, you can apply the window clings on the glass door entrance of your establishment.

    Q:Can I download a template for the design or create the door decal online?

    A: Yes, there are free design templates for window clings available on our COVID-19 page. You can download the PDF and submit it as is after selecting “Upload Now” on the online calculator. You can also add it to the online design tool and edit it according to your preferred specifications. Check out the video below on how to use the design template: