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Supply chain disruptions and labor shortages are causing delays for some orders.
Please allow for the possibility of an incremental 1-2 days when ordering. Thank you for your understanding.

Christmas Stickers

  • Welcome the holiday season with bright and merry packaging labels.
  • Find the right shape and size to personalize every delivered gift.
  • Choose from several durable indoor or waterproof materials.
Christmas Stickers

Customize an Unforgettable Holiday With Personalized Christmas Stickers

Create Christmas stickers that distinguish your packages when they arrive at your customer’s doorstep. Sealing every box or pouch with branded, holiday-themed labels saves you time and money while showcasing your high-quality and personalized service. You can also include them as freebies with every purchase. Customers feel they are valued when you add a surprise giveaway to their purchase.

Choose from several standard shapes that fit your message or use custom dimensions for your unique design. Imagination is your only limit when it comes to bringing the holiday spirit and cheer alive.

How to Make Christmas Stickers

Choose a format that suits your branded packaging or allows for efficient order fulfillment.

Custom stickers are available in four standard formats. Select that works best with the application or how you want customers to use these stickers:

  • Single cut-to-size stickers are individual pieces printed in the exact shape of your chosen design. Each sticker is cut until the edges and suited for giving away in small quantities or as freebies for in-store purchases.
  • Roll stickers repeat the design throughout one roll. You need to order at least 250 pieces of this type of sticker. These are usually applied using a label dispenser.
  • Sheets carry the same or different designs in one large backing. You can choose from several sizes to fit the exact dimensions of the stickers on one sheet. Use this format for sticker sets that have a specific Christmas or holiday theme.
  • Kiss-cut stickers are also individual pieces cut in the size and shape of your choice. However, each sticker is placed on a square backing to protect the edges of the sticker design. This is recommended for more intricate sticker dimensions that need the edges protected before application.

Select a shape and size that will fit all the essential details.

Cut-to-size and roll stickers come in standard square, rectangle, circle, or oval shapes. Each shape comes in various dimensions to fit your holiday-themed design. For the sheet and kiss-cut stickers, you’ll need to select the backing size that can hold all the different or repetitions of a design. If you have a more specific shape in mind, you can input the exact dimensions under the “Custom” option for all four formats.

Print on a material that can withstand long-distance deliveries or whatever the sticker will be exposed to.

Among all the materials available for cut-to-size, sheet, and kiss-cut, the white vinyl in high gloss (UV) offers the most protection with its water and weatherproof properties. The high gloss also protects the sticker design from scuffs and scratches and helps maintain the vividness of the design’s colors.

If you’re ordering rolls, the BOPP options are the most durable for any containers requiring refrigeration. Its waterproof, oil- and chemical-resistant properties ensure your design looks good as new after storage. Another equally durable option is the white premium sticker for Christmas designs displayed indoors.

Use a method that makes design creation or upload convenient for your schedule.

  • Upload a print-ready file directly to the site if you have it ready. Go to “Upload Your File & Order Now” after inputting your specifications and send us the file in any of the preferred formats: PDF, JPG or JPEG, PNG, TIF, TIFF, EPS, PUB, or AI.
  • Download a layout template. Have you yet to create the Christmas stickers on your preferred editing program? Choose a file format you’re familiar with from the “Templates” tab: AI, JPEG, PDF, PSD, or PUB. Based on your choice, templates for each available size and sticker format will load on the page.
  • Use the online design tool to create the sticker design. Not familiar with the editing programs listed above? Use the Online Designer to build the Christmas sticker from scratch. Based on your input to the online calculator, a blank canvas in the size you chose will load after selecting “Create Your Design Online.” From here, you can upload images and other files to combine on your browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Is there a minimum quantity to qualify for an order?

A: Yes, you need to order at least 25 cut-to-size stickers and 250 pieces of the roll, sheet, or kiss-cut formats.

Q:What is the sturdiest sticker material available?

Vinyl offers the most durable quality with its waterproof and weatherproof qualities. It is recommended for stickers that will be exposed outdoors and subjected to long-distance deliveries.

Q:Can I review the sticker design before it’s printed?

A: Yes, you can request a free online PDF proof after uploading your design file to the site. On the upload page, choose “Wait – I want to receive and approve a free PDF proof.” We will only proceed with production after receiving your approval online.

Q:How long does it take to produce a set of Christmas stickers?

A: The printing or production time depends on your order specification, the period you choose, and the recipient address location. After selecting all features of your sticker order on the online calculator, go to “Estimate Shipping & Delivery” and input your ZIP code. Several arrival dates and their corresponding transit times will appear based on your information.