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Lawn Signs


Customize the Perfect Lawn Sign for Your Real Estate Sales & Promotions 

Let prospective buyers or renters know a property is on the market with a clear lawn sign. Choose a size that is large enough to be seen from a distance and will fit all the important information about your real estate company. Sizes start at 12” x 18” and go up 36” x 24”.   

Other key features include double-sided printing and two secure display options. Perfect for printing messages on birthday or graduation lawn signs placed outside a home for such special occasions.  

All displays are printed on thick, weatherproof and waterproof corrugated plastic. The material is ideal for outdoor signage that will be advertised all day. Check out the “Material & Specs” tab for more information on the thick corrugated plastic.  

A Guide to the Standard Lawn Signs Sizes 

Choose a size that will show the most important information on your lawn address signs. A larger sign will have enough space for your logo, company name, call-to-action message, and relevant contact details.  

Smaller sign displays are suited for straightforward messages and anyone working on a limited budget. The 12” x 18” display is big enough to be seen from a few feet’s distance. 

How to Properly Install Lawn Signs  

We offer two ways to securely display lawn signs: H-shaped stakes or grommets.   

H-shaped stakes simply need to be pushed into the ground.   

Grommets are tiny metal rings placed on the corners of a sign. A nail or rope is placed through the hole to display the sign. Depending on how you plan on displaying your custom lawn signs, you can add two (2) grommets on top or one on each corner.   

Follow these instructions to hang lawn signs with grommets: 

  1. Insert the rope or tool you’ll use to hang the lawn sign through each grommet. 
  2. Ensure that the display tool has a tight knot and will not break from where the sign is being hung.  

A Legal Guide to Lawn Signs and Its Restrictions 

The legal rules for lawn signs vary per state. It’s best to check in with your local municipality on what you can and cannot display on private or public property. Some areas tend to be strict, while others won’t mind if you put a few on your lawn. For example, a three-judge panel in Arlington county invalidated a law that imposed a limit of two signs in one’s residence. Back in 2000, the Supreme Court of Ohio ruled that any law declaring political signs should be removed 28 hours after the election is considered “unconstitutional.”  

Regulation of political yard signs does not apply in private homes or condominiums. The First Amendment protects property-owning individuals from the government’s interference with their free speech.  

Restrictions mainly apply to displays in public areas. Be sure to review your local municipality’s regulations before displaying any lawn sign on public property. 

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