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Let Our Car Window Decals Do the Talking While You Drive

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Choosing the material that best works for your application is easy since each one has its own unique features. Clear decals are made from transparent material that produces a clear background. White decals, on the other hand, are made from a material that provides an opaque background. Perforated adhesive vinyl car window decals, while also made from white material, produce a one-way vision effect. Unlike clear and white decals that can be applied inside or outside the glass of your car windows, perforated decals are for the outside glass only. 


Car Window Decals Design Tips 

When creating the design of your custom car window decals, make sure to follow these basic design tips to guarantee a high-quality print: 


Bigger is better when it comes to fonts. 


Creating a car window decals that have big fonts allow you to make an impact even from a distance. As you drive around, people will have only a few seconds to read your message, too. That’s why you need your car window decals to have short yet punchy lines. 


Be mindful of spacing and alignment. 


Don’t overcrowd the design of your car window decals. Make sure to space out the lines, texts, or images while keeping them aligned. This trick alone can help your design look more professional. 


Go for bold, highly contrasting colors. 


If you want your design to pop out and be more noticeable, use bold and contrasting colors. This can help get your message across more effectively. 


Stick to one message or idea. 


Your customers should be able to know what you are trying to say in just one glance. Brevity is key when it comes to promotions using car window decals. Remember that you are moving. There won’t be a lot of time for your customers to digest your message. 


How to Install Car Window Decals?

Dry Method

The dry method is applicable to window decals that are smaller than 12” x 12”:

Wet Method

The wet method is applied to decals that are over 12” x 12”: 

Car Window Decals FAQs 

Q: Will a car wash damage my car window decal?

A: No, it won’t. Your car window decal won’t peel off or get damaged while it’s being cleaned by an automated car wash. 


Q: Is it safe to roll my windows down when it has decals on it??

A: If you properly applied your custom car window decals via the dry or wet method, the decals should stay in place when you roll your windows down. 


Q: Can I use my window decal outside and inside?

A: It depends on the type of car window decal. Clear and white decals can be applied inside or outside the glass of your car windows. Perforated decals are for the outside glass only.


Q: Are car window decals waterproof??

A: Yes, our car window decals are waterproof and weatherproof.


Q: Can I reapply car decals?

A: Yes, you can. They can be removed, reused, and repositioned as long as they have been applied properly.


Q: What is the best location to put my car window decals??

A: The most ideal location is the rear side windows and back window of your vehicleWe do not recommend putting decals on your windshield or front car windows as they can block your vision and put your safety at risk.