Wedding Envelopes

Nine Essential Tips for Wedding Envelopes

Wedding envelopes and invitations set the mood and tone of the momentous event. Some people come up with substandard designs for their envelopes because they overlook a lot of factors in their creation. In order to make the best possible envelopes for your wedding, below are some tips to guide you:

  • Decide on the tone. Before creating your wedding envelope design, it is wise to conceptualize and decide if your wedding will be formal or informal. There are two types of wedding envelopes you can use – the inner and outer envelope. Outer envelopes are sent through the Post Office and contains the full name and address of the recipient. Inner envelopes, on the other hand, are hand-delivered and do not need to have the address of the guests printed on them. Formal weddings use outer envelopes for their invitations, while informal weddings use the outer envelope. Keep in mind that names are addressed differently in the outer and inner envelopes.
  • Check out samples. You can go to stationery stores to personally see wedding envelope samples. In this way, you can also check the different paper types you can use for your envelopes. If you have a tight schedule and you don’t have much time to do this, you can browse wedding envelope samples online.

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Wedding Envelope 1

  • Make it simple. When it comes to wedding envelopes, simpler is always better. If you’re sticking to a budget, then you can opt for a minimalist effect for your envelope design. White envelopes are a classic choice to place in your wedding invites; they are simple yet elegant, sophisticated yet affordable. Your envelopes should tease your guests and not give away the whole concept or theme of the wedding. You can do this by adding little details like floral designs and abstract patterns printed on the back or front flap of your envelopes. But don’t overdo it — you wouldn’t want your wedding envelope to look like a birthday invitation envelope.

  • Choose the right typography. Calligraphy is often used for the font style of the envelopes because these instantly add a touch of classic elegance to your wedding envelopes. Some people prefer to hire calligraphers because of the tradition that outer envelopes should be hand-written. However, if you’re short on time, you can get them printed instead. You can also choose font colors like baby blue and light pink to make your envelopes look more interesting.

Wedding Envelope 3

  • Select the right specs. There are different specs used for wedding envelopes since they are intended for a special occasion. Unlike business envelopes, the specs you can use are A sizes – A2, A6, A7, and A9. You can browse the internet and check for other envelope sizes that are appropriate for envelopes. It’s also up to you which type of flap you will use. You can choose pointed or square flaps. However, some online printing companies may only have limited offers for flaps in their envelopes.

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  • Choose a trusted online printing company. It has become much more practical to hire the services of online printing companies for convenience's sake. Most of these printing services provide envelopes and other materials you’ll surely use like wedding invitations, posters, and even distribution. Make sure to carefully compare their services and the quality of their products so that you end up choosing the right online printing service.
  • Print return address for mailing outer envelope. For invitations to be sent through mail, don't forget to print the return address since the Post Office wouldn’t be able to send your envelopes without the necessary information. Traditionally, the address of the bride is written at the back flap of the envelope, without mentioning names. If the soon-to-be-married couple is already living together, you can include the both their names together with the address.
  • Have your envelope weighed. If you choose to mail your wedding envelopes, have them weighed at the Post Office so you can not only determine how many stamps should be put in the envelopes, but also estimate how much will you have to spend in sending the envelopes.
  • Beware of misspelled names. Always check the spelling of the addresses and names of your guests before printing out your wedding envelopes. You won’t want any of your guests to be offended because of a careless mistake. Also remember to spell out words such as "St.," Blvd." and "Ave." Same rule applies to the state (Washington instead of WA).

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