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Design Your Postcards With an Online Postcard Maker

Postcards have been the go-to print materials by businesses to implement their marketing strategies. These are sent to customers and potential clients informing them of midyear or end-of-season sales of your products and services. The cards are attractively designed with the theme of the holiday being celebrated at that time. If you want to create postcards to promote your business, then designing them will be easy with the help of the right printing company.

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To help you create a custom postcard design, you can use an online design tool, which is available on online postcard printing websites. Here are some of the things to consider when looking for a good program to create postcards:

  • Easy to Use. The tool must have a simple interface allowing you to navigate through the functions of the page with relative ease. Regarding the functions, they should allow you to create different designs in a matter of minutes.
  • Postcard Size Selection. The online program should allow you to design your layout from a range of postcard sizes. You may experiment and try different sizes to fit your design concept.
  • Front/Back Design Option.To help minimize loading time and finish your postcard layout at a faster rate, the tool should let you design your postcard's front and back without leaving the page.
  • Bleed Option.A bleed refers to the design going beyond the trim line of your file. If you're using a background image as your design layout, then you need to make a design larger than the final print so the file becomes fully covered by the image. A good design tool should give you the option to see the bleeds for your postcard design.
  • 3D View. This shows you a preview of your postcard design in 3D and helps you find design inconsistencies in need of correction. You can compare and check both sides of your postcard design before submitting the file for printing.
  • No strings attached. The design tool should not require you to register for an account to make postcard designs. Most importantly, the tool should be free of charge.

We at UPrinting offer you the Easy Design Tool, which meets all the criteria discussed above. The tool has a user-friendly interface and useful features to create your postcard designs in an instant. Not to mention, our dynamic viewing options let you visualize your postcard design like they are printed and help you spot errors on your layout easier. Last but not least, using the Easy Design Tool is free!

Online Easy Design Tool
Once you're done with your design using our Easy Design Tool, give UPrinting a call and we'll help you with your printing needs. We print high-quality postcards, among other print products, at affordable prices. You may call us at 1-888-888-4211 for more information.