Online Postcards

Fast and Easy Postcard Printing Online at UPrinting!

Making online postcards should be fast, easy and secure. That is why it is important for you to be aware of the DOs and DON'Ts of online printing, together with the services you must look for when choosing your printing partner. Here are some quick tips to get you rounded on postcard printing.

Getting Started with the Design

Printing sites usually have features that allow you to change the size, paper stock and color options of your postcards. Together with these are folding variations such as half-folded or tri-folded postcards. You can also change your postcards' tabbing options depending on your design. Keep in mind to set the quantity, shipping options and printing turnaround for the postcard project. There are printing websites which provide online price calculators that instantly give the price quotes. You can do all these at the comfort of your home or office.

Mailing your Postcards

Flat postcards can be mailed with or without an envelope. Choose the mailing quantity and postage. Generally, 4 x6 will have postage of first class card rate, while postcards in envelopes can have a postage of first class letter rate or standard bulk card rate. For folded postcards, you can mail it tabbed or inside addressed envelopes. The postage for folded postcards can be first class letter rate or standard bulk card rate.

Check the USPS delivery times and the price for the mailing and printing project. 2 to 3 days may be added to the printing turnaround for mailing preparation.

Remember to ask for help from customer support. This can do you a big favor in the order process.