Make Your Own Postcard

Create Your Own Business Postcard

Postcards have been used by business owners as affordable and effective promotional tools. These handy cards are distributed by companies to potential customers to inform them about the products and services offered by their respective businesses.

If you're looking to cut your costs in your business, then you can incorporate sending out postcards as part of your marketing strategy. Postcards are perfect for conducting market research, promoting a business or advertise upcoming sales and events. Depending on the type of business you own, each of these uses for postcards serve to drive more traffic to your stores and increase your profit as customers purchase your products.


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To help you with your postcard design, below are a few tips on creating postcards based on your business needs:

  • Set a purpose. You need to determine what you want to achieve from using postcards. In fact, creating a purpose for your business postcards can help you develop your design further. Figuring out the purpose of your postcards lets you know the other elements to be placed on your design.
  • Think of a design concept. Planning a design concept can help you visualize your postcard. Appropriate your design according to your marketing strategy. Postcards used as a promotional tool should contain images of products you sell or indicate the dates of a sale or the percent of the discounts.
  • Come up with a mailing list. To make it easier for you to distribute your business postcards to people, get their home addresses, compile them as a list and mail them the postcards. A mailing list may not necessarily be just a list of your target market; it may also contain people from different markets.
  • Print your postcard. Having your postcards produced by a printing company can help you save time, effort and money. Printing companies provide discounted prices on bulk print orders, and may provide additional services like a mailing list rental and mailing services.

Once you're done designing your postcards, give UPrinting a call and we'll handle your printing needs. We provide high-quality services at affordable prices. You may call us at 1-888-888-4211 for more information.