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10 Quick Tips on Creating Effective and Appealing Postcards

Postcards are one of the materials used by various businesses and people for different purposes. These have evolved from the typical cards for communication to being effective advertising and marketing tools.

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If you are planning to print postcards for either business or personal needs, you must know how you can effectively and creatively design them. Here are 10 quick tips that can help you create that ideal material:


  • Consider the purpose of your material. It is best that you know why you are creating your own set of postcards. You can easily organize the details and design of your material if you have a clear plan in mind.

  • Plan if you would choose a standard or folded postcard. There are two types of postcards offered by an online postcard service. These are standard and folded postcards. You should select which type would fit your purpose best before working on the design and layout.

  • Select the ideal postcard size. Postcards are available in different sizes. Remember to take time in choosing the right size to use to avoid overcrowding your material with details.

  • Choose the ideal card stock. The common paper types used for postcards are 14 pt. and 13 pt. cardstocks. For durable and long-lasting postcards, you can choose the 14 pt. cardstock. You can also go for a gloss or matte coating as long as it is offered by the printing store.

  • Think about the text and images to use. It is important that you plan what text and images to add to your postcard. This will also help you decide the right postcard size to use.

  • Use a postcard template. It would be easier for you to make postcards by using templates. They serve as guides to avoid cropping off any part of your design during printing.

  • Leave a space for personal message. If your postcards are intended for personal use, be sure to leave a space where you could write your message. Adding a personal message gives your card a touch of sincerity.

  • Go for full-color printing. Postcards must always have that appealing design to attract your receiver’s attention. Full-color printing can help you make your material look more professional and creative.

  • Take advantage of mailing services. If you plan to send your postcards to a lot of people, you can purchase UPrinting’s mailing services for convenience and savings. Give us a call at 1-888-888-4211 for more information.

  • Create your postcards online. We also have the Easy Design tool that will allow you to make your postcards online. This can help you work on your project. If you need your postcards immediately, our Easy Design Tool can be a lifesaver. Click the button to start making a postcard.

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    With these tips, you can end up with your ideal postcards. Just keep in mind to also invest on its printing to ensure the quality of your material.