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Postcard Design Tips and Creative Samples for Inspiration

Postcards need to be attractive and key in capturing your audience's attention is your design. You need to create a good design that can make them curious and read the details you put with your image.


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Tips and Tricks to Designing Your Own Postcard

Be clear and concise. Don’t dawdle. Don’t put unnecessary details in your design that make your cards cluttered. A good headline, as they say it, is short but sweet. You want your cards to be remembered easily and for them to communicate them to other people.

Use appropriate images. It's a great idea to make your postcards look good by including photos or illustrations. Just make sure that they are relevant to the message and brand image you want to convey to your audience.

Get quality printing for your design. Choose quality printing service to produce your design. A good printer will materialize your well-prepared postcard layout. Consider the variety of postcard specs they offer as well as their mailing service details in choosing the right printing partner for your project.

Consider the USPS mailing regulations. You have an awesome postcard, and the next step is mailing them to your market. This is a tedious job and it's helpful if you find a printing company who offers mailing services too. This will save you time and effort in manually mailing your cards.


If you still don’t have an idea on how to start creating yours, you could check out these samples we’ve compiled for your inspiration.

Postcard Design Inspiration

Travel Postcards

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Film Promotion Postcards

postcard design film 01

postcard design film 03

Event Invitation Postcards

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postcard design events 03

Design Studio Postcards

postcard design designers 02

postcard design designers 03

Holiday Greeting Postcards

postcard design holiday 01

postcard design holiday 02

postcard design holiday 03

Greeting Postcards

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Decorative Postcards

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postcard design decorative 03

We hope this list has helped you think about how to print postcards. When you're ready you can upload your designs or use our design tool and have it printed here.

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