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Cheap Postcard Printing

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Postcards are one of the materials that can be used for various purposes. You can have your own set for personal use or as a form of advertisement.


To make your materials effective, you need to work on their design and invest on printing. Now, standard postcard printing can be expensive unless you know how and where to get cheap postcards.

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By Philipp Gross

It may be tricky to get a good set of affordable, high-quality postcards, but it’s possible. Here are some quick tips that you can try to save while getting your ideal prints:

  • Plan your design and layout. It is important that you carefully work on your postcard’s design and layout. Having them done professionally can be pricey at times. Instead, come up with your own designs. Doing the design yourself will definitely be worth it. Plus, you get to make sure that your postcards will be coming out just the way you want.

  • Have your design proofed for free. Some printing companies offer this kind of service. They will check your design and notify you should they find any problems regarding bleeding or getting part of your design chopped off due to paper size issues. Availing of this service will ensure that everything goes smoothly the first time and spare you of unnecessary expenses should the first set of prints seem not up to par with your standards.

  • Choose your cardstock. The paper type that will be used on your postcard is important. Standard postcards are usually printed on 14 pt. cardstock gloss, 14 pt. cardstock matte or 13 pt. cardstock uncoated. Folded postcards which can be done in half-fold and tri-fold are made of 10 pt. cardstock gloss or 10 pt. cardstock matte. Take time in choosing the right paper type since this can help you lower expenses.

  • Go for an online printing company with mailing service. When selecting an online printing company, go for the one that can also provide you with mailing service. This will help you lessen the costs as opposed to mailing them yourself. The fact that it makes it more convenient for you also helps.

  • Purchase in bulk. If you know that you will need to send out a lot of postcards to loved ones or clients, then have your material printed in bulk. This is perfect, especially if you're making postcards for the holidays. Ordering in one go is definitely cheaper than ordering intermittently.


When making postcards, you should apply these tips to lessen costs. You can also get more savings if you choose UPrinting as your online printing company. We provide high-quality services at affordable prices. Just call us at 1-888-888-4211 for more details.