Cheap Poster Printing

Printing Cheap Posters in High Quality

Posters can be produced using different materials. They can be printed on paper or cardstock, photo paper and PVC board. But posters are economical promotional tools regardless of what they’re made of. They can grab the attention of passers-by and effectively disseminate information about your product, event or campaign.

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These are practical materials to use because they can be printed by piece or bulk. The good news is that when you print by bulk, the more you order, the less each piece costs. Mass-producing copies shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Print as many as you need to appeal to your target market. Contrary to popular belief, printing special posters (large format and mounted posters) is still cost-effective — you can have an eye-catching print for a reasonable price. Read on to find out more about cheap poster printing:

Wholesale Posters. You can get posters printed on either paper or cardstock. Light but durable papers, like 100 lb. papers, are ideal for indoor promotions. A cardstock, on the other hand, is heavier and more advisable for posters that will be displayed for a long time like movie posters or sale promotions. Growing and established businesses can save money with bulk printing because they can produce many prints without sacrificing the quality of each copy.

Large format Posters. These provide you a bigger area to work with compared to ordinary poster sizes. The sizes of these posters aim to grab the attention of people from a distance. You can print posters as large as 58” x 100” — imagine the space you have and the impact your design can make! These are also ideal for personal use: enlarge photos from your digital cameras or mobile phones and hang them in your home. Large format prints can be ordered per piece depending on the printing company.

Mounted Posters. These are prints that are usually affixed on a sturdy board. Today, mounted posters can be printed directly on PVC boards. This method of printing saves you the hassle of hanging a poster against a rigid base. And because they’re printed on PVC, you don’t have to worry about the sides peeling off.

Affordable Prints_02 offers bulk, large format and mounted poster printing for a very affordable price. Your bulk orders can range from 50–100,000 copies while large format prints and mounted posters can have a maximum of 50 copies per order. You can use our Easy Design Tool to design your posters from scratch — add images, texts and graphics to complete your design. We also have available poster templates to guide you in creating your layout for free. For more information, call our customer service representatives now!