Postcard Mailing

Postcard Printing and Mailing Guide

The goal of a marketing campaign is to identify and reach a customer base in order to generate revenue for the company. Use direct mail postcards to send your message straight to your potential customers. Create cards with attractive designs and interesting content to get your audience's attention. Once the design is complete, it's time to have the cards printed, and then mailed.

UPrinting offers fast quality printing and mailing services at affordable rates. This will help you avoid the extra cost of working with separate companies for mailing and printing. We also offer complete mailing services and bulk mailing.

Postcard Mailing Services

Our mailing services include list preparation, CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certification, address ink jetting, postal pre-sorting and drop off at local postal office. Experience fast and hassle-free mailing without spending a fortune.

  • List Preparation involves correction of CASS certified addresses and elimination of duplicate entries in a mailing list. This helps ensure that no printed card is wasted by being sent to wrong addresses.
  • CASS Certification verifies the status of the addresses in a mailing list. The entire list will be checked against the USPS Address Matching System (AMS) CD-ROM. It will be certified if a match has been found for each address.
  • Address Ink Jetting is the process where names and addresses are printed on the mail pieces using inkjet printers.
  • Postal Pre-Sorting is the grouping of your mail pieces by ZIP code. This mailing service enables you to qualify for postal discounts.
  • Drop Off at Local Post Office is provided by UPrinting for hassle-free mailing. We will drop off your mail at the local post office for you. No need for you to stand in line just to send your cards.


Direct Mail Postcard Marketing

Direct marketing is a structured marketing strategy that focuses on clients' immediate responses. Send out direct mail postcards to reach your new and existing clients. For an effective postcard mailing campaign, use a targeted mailing list. We can provide a mailing list, or you can submit your own. We offer lists that can be defined by geographic location and demographic data. Aside from the mailing list, you should also understand what works and what doesn't in direct-mail marketing.

Extend an offer that your target customers can't resist. Postcards should entice your reader to take action immediately. Include great offers such as discounts and free items to motivate the reader to get to know more about your company or even do business with you.

Meet USPS Mailing Regulations

The USPS (United States Postal Service) has strict guidelines for mailing postcards. UPrinting, as a mailing company, helps you meet USPS requirements by providing information about the mailing regulations. Learn more about the required card sizes, aspect ratio, and weight of the mail pieces to get discounted postage rates. Please check with the USPS for applicable charges.

To learn more about postcard mailing, call UPrinting at 888-888-4211 or contact us via Live Chat.