Large Canvas Prints

Custom Large Canvas Prints for Interior Décor

Modern large canvas prints are becoming more popular pieces used for decorating rooms. Designing your walls with canvas can create a mood, theme, or accent for your room; know how to use these decorative pieces to maximize their value. They can add beauty to your room and give life to dull interior spaces. Here are ways on how you can use canvas prints:

  • Art reproduction. You need not spend too much on art pieces when you can reproduce it on canvas. Try choosing a famous painting and reproduce them on large canvas. Make sure not to violate copyright law when choosing your design preference.
Aside from Mona Lisa, this painting, Female Head by Leonardo Da Vinci is also a good choice for an art reproduction.

Disclaimer: Images on this page are not owned by UPrinting and are used solely as design examples. Please use the links at the bottom of the images to see their original sources.

large canvas prints 1


  • Abstract art canvas. When positioned right, wall art with abstract design can make a room look complete. It is not the concrete picture nor the theme that matters but the colors and hues added to your room.
Place your canvas on the right place to achieve a strong visual appeal. Prints can be visually anchored when it's place above any piece of furniture.

large canvas prints 2


Another way to display an abstract art canvas is to position them in panels.
large canvas prints 3


large canvas prints 4


You can also try to position your canvas in a quadriptic style appeal for a modern look.
large canvas prints 5


large canvas prints 6


  • Modern digital photo display. Your own portrait, family picture, or any photo of your choice are also good material for printing on large canvas. They can give your room a more familiar, and friendlier atmosphere.
See how these canvas prints complement the theme and color of the room?

large canvas prints 7


Landscapes are most common choice for a photo room display printed on canvas; safe to be displayed at any area of your house or office.
large canvas prints 8


Portrait photography is also a popular choice for displaying images. Give life to your portrait by printing them on large canvas.
large canvas prints 9


Great art pieces for your home or office create mood when you know how to use them. Remember these tips before printing your large canvas prints.