Cheap Canvas Printing

How to Get Cheap Canvas Printing

People are misled that printing on canvas is expensive. As a result, printing companies’ strategy is to lower its price resulting to low quality and poor printouts. People should be aware that low price doesn’t need to be synonymous with low quality.

Here are some helpful tips you might want to consider in printing canvas with us:

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Here are some helpful tips you might want to consider in printing canvas with us:

• Make the most of all available services
We offer as fast as one-day turnaround, require no minimum order and provide free proofing service. We also have online design tool for customize canvas printing. Remember that it is important that you get what you pay for. 

• Look for discounts
There are times that we offer price cut-offs, promos, sales and freebies. This can save you a lot of money so you better watch out. 

• Look for cheap substitute
Linen is usually used in canvas printing since it is the most durable one. But it can be very costly. We use cotton as a substitute since heavy grade cotton could be as strong as that of linen. It is also flexible so it is easier to extend the prints up to the borders. 

• Go for fabric that doesn’t contain OBAs
OBAs are optical brightening agents used in low-priced canvas. In the long run, these agents deteriorate causing the printed canvas yellowing portions. To check if a canvas is OBAs positive, bring the canvas in a dark room and switch on a black light. If it glows, it’s positive. 

• Go for the rolled canvas prints
You can choose from tolled and stretched canvas prints but if you are on a tighter budget we suggest you go with the rolled canvas. They weigh less so you’ll pay smaller shipping fee. 

Here at UPrinting, we make high-quality products that are worth what you’ve paid for. All canvas prints are treated with special ultraviolet (UV) solution for fade resistance. We even offer an online price calculator so you can monitor your bill. For queries, just call us at 1-888-888-4211 or click on our live chat assistance button on the upper right of this page.