Custom Rolled Canvas

Why Choose Custom Rolled Canvas Printing

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Rolled canvas is ideal for art reproductions, photo printing and digital work production due to the many advantages it gives to your prints. Aside from its durable material, hi-tech, digital printers provide you an edge in producing high-quality rolled canvas that suits your needs. You can focus on crafting your art pieces and composing your photos for your custom rolled canvas because you don’t have to worry much about the printed results. All you need to do is find a printing company that offers great canvas printing deals and you’ll be in good hands.

Custom Rolled Canvas

Still unconvinced? Here are some more advantages on why you should use rolled canvas:
  • High-quality prints on canvas have an overall aesthetic impact on people who see them. The texture of custom rolled canvas help your art pieces look professional-looking. Artists can use canvas prints when they want reproduce and sell copies of their artworks; this is a cost-effective print that can return big revenue to the artist. The same thing goes for photographers who choose to produce their images on canvas because the material keeps the subject details crisp. Rolled canvas certainly helps bring their photos to life.

Custom Rolled Canvas
  • The different sizes available in rolled canvas printing also add variety to your prints. You can print as small as 8” x 8” and as large as 55” x 100” with half-inch increments. With a wide range of printing sizes, you can display rolled canvas on different area sizes as well. Large images can be seen clearer and appreciated better because details of the art piece or image are intensified on these prints. Small prints, on the contrary, can be put up with other small canvas prints to come up with a mosaic-type of display.
    • You have the freedom to choose frames. One of the reasons people choose rolled canvas prints over stretched canvas prints is that they can mount the former on their own frames.
    • It is a classy gift idea for family and friends. If your friends or relatives who are interested in painting and photography, then giving them a custom rolled canvas of their favorite artwork is your best bet. You can easily ship your canvas prints inside canisters. It’s not as bulky as stretched canvas, but when received, the art piece gives the same pleasure to the recipient. Shipping cost is also less expensive compared to stretched canvas.
    • It has a more cost-efficient shipping cost. The expense on shipping work both ways for you. Your printing company will charge a smaller amount on delivery and you will also spend less if ever you decide to ship them to your friends and relatives.

  • There are no limitations to the art piece or photo you want to get printed on canvas. You can display any image or painting. However, one very important consideration you must look into is the resolution of your images. Low-quality images will look blurred on canvas prints while medium to high resolution images produce fine quality prints on canvas. Ideally, an image with medium resolution (2048 x 1536 pixel image) can be printed as big as 15” x 20”. On the other hand, high-resolution images can be produced on 40” x 30” canvas.

    Custom Rolled Canvas

    At UPrinting, you can choose among eight popular standard sizes or customize your own size. You can order from 1–100 prints. A poly-cotton blend makes the material highly durable. It is coated with eco-friendly protective matte finish that preserves the quality of your prints. With fast turnaround times, you can get your custom rolled canvas in no time! For questions, call us now!